How to Deal with a Dog Attack

We conducted an interview on this very topic with one of our local news agencies, awhile back. We discussed the reaction of the person coming under attack and how it feeds excitement to the dog, while in an attack state of mind. The worst thing you can do is run, scream, throw your arms everywhere, etc, etc.

What to do when a Dog Attacks

When a dog is coming after you, the best action you can take, is to stand your ground. Most dogs will not bite a stationary target. Not all, but most. Even some of the best trained police dogs find it hard to bite a non moving target. Many are afraid to strike a dog, when under attack because they don’t want to hurt the dog or offend the owner of the dog. You have to let that thought go. A dog intent on biting you isn’t worried about causing physical harm to you, so you shouldn’t be worried while attempting to protect yourself.

Staying calm and giving the dog something to bite, other than you is key to making it out of the situation. Putting a purse in the dogs face or pulling off your shirt to use as a distraction for the dog to bite can bide you time while you throw offensive strikes under to the dogs chin. Just throwing punches or kicks at the dog will only serve to excite the dog. Remember, stay calm, provide distraction, go on the offensive once you have exhausted other means.

Should the dog be dragging a leash behind them, the best way to stop a bite, is to get a hold of that leash and start swinging in circles, as the dogs paws come off the ground. Not only will the dog not be able to come toward you anymore, but you will literally be draining the fight from the dog while restricting air for about 3 spins.

Obviously we hope to never be put in such as situation where we are forced to fight for our lives. But if you find yourself in this very situation … stay calm, don’t be afraid to do anything and everything you have to do to protect yourself and leave the area as soon as possible, without running. Find a barrier or fence. Once you realize the dog cannot reach you, do not yell or provoke in any way.

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Pitbull Attack – Owner Convicted of Murder

Pitbull Attack – Owner Convicted of Murder


LANCASTER, Calif. (AP) — A jury on Friday found a man guilty of murder after his pit bulls mauled a woman to death in a high desert town in California where residents said they carried rocks and guns for protection against packs of dogs.

Alex Donald Jackson, 31, was convicted of second-degree murder and could get 24 years to life in prison at his sentencing scheduled for Oct. 3.

Jackson owned four pit bulls that mauled 63-year-old Pamela Devitt during her morning walk in Little Rock on May 9, 2013.

Devitt died from blood loss after being bitten 200 times, the coroner’s office said. Gashes in her flesh were so deep that bone was exposed.

Prosecutors argued that Jackson was not just negligent but also knew that his animals could endanger someone’s life. They presented evidence that the dogs were involved in at least seven other altercations in the 18 months before the fatal attack.

In Little Rock, an Antelope Valley town of about 1,400 people, residents told the Los Angeles Times that they were often cornered by packs of dogs. Some have forbid their children from playing outside and have taken to carrying sticks, rocks and guns for protection.

Vincent Jackson said his brother Alex has accepted some responsibility in the case and wrote a letter to the victim’s husband that was never sent. Still, Vincent Jackson thinks the murder charge is a knee-jerk reaction to the community’s disdain for pit bulls.

“It feels like they’re trying to make an example of him,” Vincent Jackson said about his brother.

Defense attorney Al Kim echoed that sentiment, saying his client was taking the brunt of the rural area’s growing frustration over abandoned animals.

“At some point, something needs to be done about these stray dogs, and I think an unfair amount of responsibility is being directed at my client,” Kim said before the verdict was returned. “Does that mean he’s a murderer? Absolutely not.”

The National Canine Research Council estimates about 30 people are killed by dogs each year. Murder charges are rare because prosecutors must prove that the defendant knew the dogs were dangerous before the killing.

In trial testimony, several horseback riders said they had been chased or bitten by Alex Jackson’s dogs. Neighbors said the dogs jumped over a fence and made it difficult to retrieve mail. A mail carrier testified that he was unable to make a delivery to Alex Jackson’s residence because of a threatening dog that eventually chased his vehicle for half a mile.

Jackson testified that he was unaware of most of the incidents. He said he would have gotten rid of the dogs if he thought they were capable of killing someone.

At the time of his arrest, Jackson had eight dogs living at the home he shared with his mother. He had placed the four involved in the attack in his garage.

“I feel terrible about it. This isn’t anything that I orchestrated or planned, that I wanted to have happen,” he said.

Animal control officers testified that an inebriated Jackson told them shortly after the attack: “If you mess with me, you’re coming into the lions’ den.”

The victim’s husband, Ben Devitt, said he wanted a guilty verdict to set a precedent and make people aware that their dogs can create a dangerous situation.

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How To Protect Yourself From A Dog Attack


Any time there are dog attacks in Dayton, or across the Miami Valley … Many news agencies reach out to Dayton Dog Trainer to discuss canine safety. Dayton Dog Trainer specializes in aggressive dog rehabilitation. News agencies are able to contact us for information that can help the public keep themselves safe from a possible dog attack. DDT appreciates a close working relationship with our local news agencies and the ability to help our local Miami Valley community remain knowledgeable about dogs.

Keep in mind … Every dog attack is going to be different. There is not one single way to defend yourself from a dog intent on biting you. We suggest you treat it as a fight for your life. Do whatever it takes to defend yourself from a possible life threatening attack. Do not feel bad about striking a dog who is attempting to bite you. Dogs are not going to feel bad about the damage he/she plans on doing to you. If you would like to signup for an evaluation, please click HERE to do so.


How to protect yourself from a dog attack