Scent Detection Dogs

Mold and BedBug Detection Dogs

Dayton Dog Trainer provides scent detection services, for those needing a top notch, working class K9. We are able to provide several different types of scent detection dogs. No matter your working dog needs … Dayton Dog Trainer can offer the following types of Scent Detection Dogs.

  • Blood Sugar Level Detection Dogs
  • Mold Detection Dogs – For Commercial Use, Handler Training Included
  • Bed Bug Detection Dogs or Cimicidae Detection Dogs, Bedbug Detector Dog
  • Tracking – Human
  • Search and Rescue (SARs)
  • Arson Detection Dogs
  • Narcotics Detection Dogs

We receive several requests annually, for scent detection dogs. Most potential clients wish to have their dog trained in this specialized area of practice. But what many fail to understand, is that it takes a special type of dog to perform this training and most are not accepted into the program, due to lack of drive, temperament, mind stability, and other issues pertaining to the dog and/or handler. We offer scent detection dogs for the private detection field, business, law enforcement and for many other professional applications.

We offer Bedbug Detection Dogs, Mold Detection K9, Search and Rescue Dogs for forestry services, avalanche rescue teams, water rescue services, cave extraction teams and more. Our tracking dogs are also available for law enforcement, fire and rescue services, arson teams, and fugitive recovery units.

Mold Detection

Own a Mold Detection Dog

Our mold detection dogs are an excellent asset to companies in mold removal. Before any mold is removed, it has to be located. In many cases, mold can be found in the home, business or industry, with just the expertise of a professional in the field. But on the other hand, mold can sometimes elude even the most professional trained eye. A trained dog is conditioned in scent discrimination. A dog is able to smell up to 500 parts per trillion. Our dogs are trained in odor signatures. They are able to detect a single odor through separation of scent … by separating a target vapor from non- target vapor. A dog only needs a single odor vapor from a multiple vapor compound. Basically … when a human smell the scent of an item, they smell the entire scent as a whole. Dogs are able to separate and detect a single part, that makes up the complete scent. Like smelling one ingredient that goes into making a cake!

Mold Remediation is a multi-Billion Dollar industry each year, in the U.S.. Ripping apart a house, in an attempt to locate a small area of mold is a costly endeavor. Companies cost clients thousands of dollars just to locate mold, not including the remediation and repairs. Having a tool that can locate and target specific areas in a building, home or structure can not only save your clients thousands in unnecessary cost ... but it can also save you, as the mold service provider, from unhappy clients and wasted time.

BedBug Detection Dogs

Own a BedBug Detection Dog

Unfortunately, bed bugs have become an epidemic in the north eastern part of the United States. New York, Pennsylvania, stretching through Ohio, has had a huge spike in bed bug infestation cases. Companies that remove and destroy the bed bugs, are many times able to see these nasty little blood sucking creatures by inspecting places in the domain where people or “hosts” are commonly stationary for long periods of time. This would include finding bed bugs in the carpet, furniture such as love seats, couches, recliners and the bed. While the host gets comfy, the bed bugs come out to feed. Bed bugs aren’t just found in the home. Many businesses, including hospitals and doctors offices have also had to deal with bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs are a perfect solution to locating deep bed bug infestation. Although you are able to see the larger bed bugs on the exterior of furniture … you aren’t able to see the smaller, “baby” bed bugs crawling and growing on the inside of the furniture. These bed bugs can penetrate deep into beds and other furniture, that the only way to be sure they are there is to send small camera systems into the item or even x-ray the furniture … both of which can be damaging to the host furniture and very expensive. Our bed bug detector dogs are able to locate even the smallest in number and the smallest in bug, deep into the item in which they are suspected to be.