Dayton Area Dog Parks

Dog Parks Across the Miami Valley

If you are from the Dayton area, you already know that Dayton is a Dog Friendly community. As such, you can find Dog Parks dotted all across The Miami Valley. Below, we have provided you an updated list of the Dog Parks, Dayton has to offer. Like any other Dog Park … be sure to be courteous, clean up after yourself, keep a close eye on your dog, as well as other dogs at the dog park. Always enter the dog park with your dog on leash in a calm assertive manner. If you have an aggressive dog, the dog park is not a good place to take your dog. If you are not sure how your dog will react around other dogs … a good way to test your dog is to walk them around the outside of the fence that surrounds the dog park. This will allow you to observe your dog’s interaction with other dogs. Should you believe your dog isn’t going to get along with others, you can always contact Dayton Dog Trainer to have us correct any kind of dog aggression issues or dominance issues your dog is exhibiting.

With so many dog parks across the Miami Valley … which one do you choose? Most will visit their local dog park … but we recommend, if possible, that you visit more than just your local park. Many of of these dog parks are located inside a larger park or recreation area. There are some very nice dog parks out there, with plenty of other amenities to choose from. Personally … any dog park that offers a covered porch with seating, is the one’s we like to visit, as they allow you to relax while your dog is out having fun.

Dog Park Etiquette

Rules and Common Courtesy

Dog Parks Around Dayton
  • Be sure to pickup after your dog. If your dog goes #2, be prepared to scoop, bag, and dispose of their waste properly. Leaving a mess isn’t just unsightly, it’s unsanitary and it’s rude.
  • Be sure your dog has been vaccinated. This is important to keep your dog safe as well as the other dogs visiting the dog park.
  • If your dog is in heat … leave them at home! Never take a female dog that is in heat, to the dog park, as doing so will cause male dogs to fight. An in heat female dog can also cause a distraction for all who are attending. Remember, the dog park is to be a fun place to visit.
  • Never take food to the dog park. If you are at the park to enjoy a family picnic, either leave the food in a cooler in your vehicle or have the picnic in a different area first, but never take food inside the active area of a dog park. This would also include dog treats. Remember, your dog is looking for more than just a treat from you. Try a bit of verbal praise or physical touch. Any kind of food can cause dogs to fight or pester others.
  • Never take little kids to the dog park. The dog park is not a safe place for infants and toddlers. Dogs can be overly rambunctious. They can unknowingly cause harm to a small child by trampling them or playing rough with them. Dogs may be unfamiliar with kids. This can put your children at risk and not only cause your child to have a bad experience, but they can also be injured. Your children are your responsibility, not the owner of the dog that caused harm to your child.
  • Always have a leash readily available. Doing so will allow you to quickly remove your dog from an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.
  • Leave the dog toys at home. Remember, your dog can play with their toys any time they want, while at home. You are at the dog park for a different experience. Toys will cause competition with other dogs, leading to dog fights or someone getting hurt. Should you decide to bring toys to the dog park, keep in mind, those toys are no longer just your dog’s toys. They now belong to any dog that can get a hold of them.
  • Keep a collar on your dog. Having a collar on your dog can help protect them against dog bights or fights. It is also the place your dog wears their county tags. Having a collar on your dog, provides a handle for someone to stop your dog, should they attempt to escape through the gates.
  • County Tags are important. Not only are they required, but it shows everyone that you are a responsible dog owner. They can help identify your dog, should they figure out a way to escape the park and end up a few states over.


6794 Webster Street
Dayton, OH 45414

The Montgomery County Bark Park is one of the nicer dog parks around. Located in Dayton, right at the border of Butler Township and the city of Vandalia, Ohio … this dog parks a great place to go on weekends. The Bark Park Dog Park is a heavily visited … more so than other dog parks, by dog owners throughout Dayton as well as by Dayton Dog Trainer. The only critique we would give on this dog park, is that they need to mow the grass or weeds more often and they should plant some tree’s for shade. There is absolutely no tree’s at this dog park, which makes for a very hot visit, during the summer months. The grass at this dog park … or what’s left of the grass, needs to be taken care of, a bit more. Sure, with dogs running through the dog park, it is kinda hard to grow any grass … but this dog parks grass is more crab grass and weeds, than actual nice grass and there is some weird rock thing going on, in the smaller fenced areas. All in all … it is a nice place to visit and we are grateful to have such nice dog parks in Dayton … but it could use a bit of maintenance and sprucing up … and definitely some trees!


510 Webster Street
Dayton, OH 45402

This dog park is considered a Dog Park, but in our opinion, isn’t really a dog park. This dog park is a beautiful place to visit with your dog, but your dog must remain on leash, for the entirety of your visit. The nice thing about this dog park is … with having the Great Miami River right there, you get that nice breeze coming off the river and there are plenty of trees around to grab a nice shady place to sit. This dog park is located near the downtown area of Dayton and right next to the huge spray fountain that Dayton installed, right at the fork of the river. Enjoy!!


210 Shafor Blvd, Dayton, OH 45419

We have visited this dog park a few times. It is a smaller dog park, located in Oakwood … so it is a nice place to visit, has ample parking and is very clean most of the time. It is a smaller dog park, compared to places like the Montgomery County Bark Park … but it is well maintained and a nice dog park to visit. Most of the time, you will see several people and dogs at this dog park. As with any dog park … be sure to clean up after yourself and your dog, especially in Oakwood. Another nice thing about this dog park, is that it has a separate area for the smaller dogs, so you don’t have to worry about Kujo, making your small dog, a Scooby snack. There is drinking water for both humans and dogs at this dog park, so you don’t have to bring water to the park. Have fun!


1790 E Social Row Rd
Washington Township, OH 45458

Oak Grover Park is a massive park. Along with a Dog Park, it also has baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, playgrounds and walking paths. With all of these awesome park facilities, you will find enough parking to accommodate any and all. Even the dog park area is massive. With 3 very large areas to run your dog or allow them to play with others, you will find that this dog park will fulfill the needs of any dog or puppy owner. Take the kid(s), take the dog(s) … let them run wild!

Located in southeast Montgomery County, south of Bellbrook … south, southwest of Centerville and East of Springboro, this dog park is conveniently located for all your family fun needs. We know you will enjoy this park.

Springboro Dog Park

75 W. Central Avenue
Springboro, OH 45066

This very small Dog Park in Springboro can only be accessed by having a membership. This dog park is attached to a vets office. The dog park is located in their backyard and it is about the size of a common plat home’s backyard. If you are looking for a place for your dog to run and not have alot of dogs around, this would be a perfect place to take your dog. Remember, this dog park requires a membership. To obtain a membership, simply check with the vets office on location. Enjoy!

Kyle Dog Park

500 S. First Street
Tipp City, OH 45371

Located just north of The Dayton International Airport in Tipp City, Ohio … Kyle Dog Park is inside a much larger park. With plenty of amenities for the entire family, Kyle Dog Park is an excellent choice for the entire family. While your dog is running and playing, the kids can enjoy baseball fields, soccer fields, batting cages and golf driving ranges and so much more. This park offers a ton of parking, close to whatever area of the park you are enjoying. Like any other dog park, this dog park is equipped with a double gate safety system for entering and exiting the main dog area. As of now, there are no covered porches for you to stay out of the sun. This park is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun, safe place to take their dog.

Duke Dog Park in Paul G. Duke Park

1670 Troy-Sidney Road
Troy, OH 45373

Another great place for Dogs! Continuing north on I-75, you will find Duke Dog Park on the East side of I-75, sitting inside a much larger park. With recreation for the entire family, Duke is a great place to have fun for the entire family. Baseball, soccer, playgrounds are just a few amenities Duke Park has to offer. The Dog Park is laid out in a single fenced in area, with parking just outside the gates. With a very large fenced in area, your dog will have plenty of room to run and play. Just like most dog parks, this dog park has a double gate system for dog safety. While your dog is having fun, you can sit on the picnic tables, located on the covered porches. No need for a sunburn while your dog(s) play. We know you will enjoy this park!

Wiggley Field Dog Park

1545 Pumphouse Road
Springfield, OH 45503

This is one of our favorite Dog Parks in the Miami Valley. This Dog Park is located in Springfield, Ohio, which is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Dayton. Although a bit of a drive, this dog park is located at Buck Creek State Park. Not only do you get the option of visiting a great dog park, but you can also swing by Buck Creek for more fun with the entire family. Wiggley Field Dog Park is a large, semi-wooded, fenced in area. It provides picnic tables on large covered porches so dog owners can stay out of the sun. Tennis courts, walking paths, wooded trails, fishing, beaches, swimming, boating and Old Reid Park are just a few options this massive state park has to offer. This dog park is a very comfortable, clean and tidy atmosphere. This dog park is worth the drive for the dog and the entire family. We know you will enjoy this trip!

Scout Dog Park

651 Dayton-Xenia Rd.
Xenia, Ohio 45385

Scout Dog Park is a newer park that sits just outside Pierce Park, with easy access and parking from Dayton-Xenia Rd. This park does not have alot to offer, specifically pertaining to the dog park itself. However … surrounding the dog park, you will find Pierce Park, which has a nice playground for the children to enjoy or walking trails and great natural scenery for everyone. If you live in the Xenia area, this dog park will suffice for anyone wanting to provide a good interaction and socialization for their dog.

Waynesville Dog Park in Hisey Park

5443 Middletown Rd
Waynesville, OH 45068

The Waynesville Dog Park is a nice dog park to visit. It is a basic dog park, meaning that it is a rectangle, fenced in area. It does offer a double gate system, like any other dog park, but you won’t find any shade trees. Being that this dog park is located inside Hisey Park, you will find a nice set of baseball diamonds, plenty of area to walk and plenty of parking. Another great thing about this park, is that it is very close to Ceaser’s Creek State Park. IIf you have an opportunity to visit this dog park, you should stop by some of the local shops, as Waynesville is a nice little welcoming community, with plenty to offer. We know you will enjoy the area!

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