How to Deal with a Dog Attack

We conducted an interview on this very topic with one of our local news agencies, awhile back. We discussed the reaction of the person coming under attack and how it feeds excitement to the dog, while in an attack state of mind. The worst thing you can do is run, scream, throw your arms everywhere, etc, etc.

What to do when a Dog Attacks

When a dog is coming after you, the best action you can take, is to stand your ground. Most dogs will not bite a stationary target. Not all, but most. Even some of the best trained police dogs find it hard to bite a non moving target. Many are afraid to strike a dog, when under attack because they don’t want to hurt the dog or offend the owner of the dog. You have to let that thought go. A dog intent on biting you isn’t worried about causing physical harm to you, so you shouldn’t be worried while attempting to protect yourself.

Staying calm and giving the dog something to bite, other than you is key to making it out of the situation. Putting a purse in the dogs face or pulling off your shirt to use as a distraction for the dog to bite can bide you time while you throw offensive strikes under to the dogs chin. Just throwing punches or kicks at the dog will only serve to excite the dog. Remember, stay calm, provide distraction, go on the offensive once you have exhausted other means.

Should the dog be dragging a leash behind them, the best way to stop a bite, is to get a hold of that leash and start swinging in circles, as the dogs paws come off the ground. Not only will the dog not be able to come toward you anymore, but you will literally be draining the fight from the dog while restricting air for about 3 spins.

Obviously we hope to never be put in such as situation where we are forced to fight for our lives. But if you find yourself in this very situation … stay calm, don’t be afraid to do anything and everything you have to do to protect yourself and leave the area as soon as possible, without running. Find a barrier or fence. Once you realize the dog cannot reach you, do not yell or provoke in any way.

Training your Dog with an E-Collar

Thousands of E-Collars are sold each year to those looking for a solution to their dog’s bad behavior. In fact, most purchasers of the E-Collar don’t put a lot of thought into the brand or type of collar they buy. Most are just momentarily satisfied with a temporary result. In fact, the E-Collar is a great tool, but so many buyers use the collar incorrectly or for the wrong application. We also hear that many users buy a shock collar, only to use the beep or vibrate function.

I don’t know how many times I have heard a dog owner say “I bought a shock collar, but I only use the beep or vibrate on my dog”. I never understood this. If all your dog is receiving is a beep or vibrate, they will continue to do what they are doing. You may stop them in the moment, but they will continue the bad behavior later, when you aren’t around. If there is never a memorable correction, you are only delaying the unwanted behavior. Dogs communicate correction with pain compliance. When a member of the pack gets out of line, the alpha will normally bite, thrash or pin. Of course, we don’t have to go to that level of correction, but there does need to be a correction the dog will remember or not just brush off.


E-Collar Brands and Newer Stimulation Technology

Brand of the E-Collar is also important. There are a lot of collars on the market. Many are using the old type of technology. We have all seen this type. When stimulation is provided, it causes the dog to jerk their neck to the right or left and yelp over and over until stimulation ceases. In my opinion, this type of correction is a bit inhumane. With the newer collars available, the new technology offered by these collars work more on muscle manipulation, rather than pure electrocution. There is no jerking of the neck, normally no yelping in pain, as the dog is receiving a much cleaner type of stimulation.

The difference in technologies is important. Using the wrong type of E-Collar can cause fear, rather than guidance. We do not want the dog to fear or cower because they are being corrected. This doesn’t do anything but cause further issues. We simply correct and move on … same goes for the dog. They should simply absorb the correction and move on, as a lesson learned.


Cost of a Good E-Collar

You will pay good money for a good ecollar. Of course you can purchase a shock collar at your local pet store for around $30, but you will get what you pay for. If you are seriously interested in purchasing a good e-collar system, you can expect to pay between $150 to $300. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Before you buy

Before you go spending money on an ecollar, I highly suggest you not only purchase your collar system through an experienced trainer, but also obtain a bit of training on the use of an ecollar. This can not only help you save a few dollars on your purchase but it can also save you a ton of trouble with your dog as well as the dog’s response to using this type of dog training tool.

Dogs and Fireworks

Happy 4th of July! As fun and exciting as the the 4th is, our celebrations can cause our 4 legged friends to go into a different state of mind. Fear, Anxiety and panic are usually what you will see once the fireworks start flying. Many dogs are not comfortable with the loud noise, bright lights or the smell of spent explosives in the air. These things can cause your dog to go into a crazy state of mind.

It is important that we settle our dogs’ in for the night, so that we don’t cause discomfort. It is important to react accordingly when we see that our dog is having a tough time with an excited atmosphere. Keeping your dog inside during our annual celebrations may be the best thing for your dog. Doing so will help them get through the night without coming unglued. It is important that we don’t force our dogs to “tough it out”, as we can cause deep seeded issues in our dog. Just like humans, fireworks can cause post traumatic stress in our dogs.


Help your Dog(s) get through the 4th of July Fireworks

  • Be sure to bring your dog inside.
  • Don’t lock your dog in a crate during any fireworks activity. This can cause the to feel trapped or cornered.
  • Be sure to hydrate your dogs throughout the day leading up to the night as stress can cause dehydration.
  • Maybe throw a blanket in the dogs crate to assist in comforting them.
  • Do not baby your dog during any distress. It is okay to comfort … but do not baby them.
  • Try giving your dog a calming supplement
  • Exercise your dog during the day to burn some of their energy. This might cause them to simply sleep through all the excitement.
  • Adjust your dogs feed schedule for the day. Stress on a full stomach can sometimes cause your dog to vomit.
  • Put your dogs crate in a non common area for the day where there isn’t alot of foot traffic.
  • Turn on a radio or TV so as to cover up the sound of the fireworks.


These are just a few actions you can take to help your dog get through America’s Birthday. This should be a day of fun and excitement for all, including your dog. It doesn’t have to be a stressful situation for your dog. Be proactive instead of reactive.

Have Fun! Be Safe! Happy Birthday America!

Dog Dehydration

Know the warning signs of dehydration in your dog. Just like you need a cold drink of water in the hot summer months, so do dogs. Remember to change your dogs water out for cold water, should their water bowl sit full for awhile. No one likes to drink hot or warm water.


Signs to look for in your dog for dehydration

  • Thick saliva
  • Dry nose
  • Reduced energy levels and lethargy
  • Acting as if they are drunk
  • Actions are in slow motion
  • Unsteady on their feet
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting with or without diarrhea
  • Panting
  • Sunken, dry-looking eyes
  • Dry, sticky gums


Dehydration can be fatal. Dogs do not sweat like humans do. They cool themselves through panting, through their paws and through physical touch of cooler masses. When humans get hot, our cooling system kicks in we begin to sweat. Dogs don’t have sweat glands. It is imperative that dogs have access to cool or cold water, moving air as well as shade. As trainers, we won’t train during the day, simply because it is way too hot for the dogs. Remember, dogs are wearing a fur coat all year long.


Supplement for Dogs

There are several products out there that act as Gatorade for dogs. Pedialite is a great supplement for dogs. K9 Bluelite is another great additive for a dogs water. It helps replenish much needed electrolytes in dogs to help them stay hydrated.

Tired Dog

Dog Walks 400 Miles

Dog Walks 400 Miles to World Cup


Four British soccer fans walking from Argentina to Brazil for the World Cup games thought that the black dog who joined them in Uruguay was homeless. They befriended him, fed him and called him Jefferson.

But the dog did have an owner, and when he heard about the Brits and their canine traveling companion, he contacted the group through Facebook. They made plans to meet up in Porto Alegre, Brazil, so Ignacio (Nacho) Etchetchury could be reunited with his pet, who he calls Negro.

After walking an estimated 463 miles over the course of two months, the dog’s emotional reunion with Etchetchury Sunday was captured on video. Etchetchury said he was grateful to the soccer fans for taking care of his dog.

Attacking Dog

Pitbull Attack – Owner Convicted of Murder

Pitbull Attack – Owner Convicted of Murder


LANCASTER, Calif. (AP) — A jury on Friday found a man guilty of murder after his pit bulls mauled a woman to death in a high desert town in California where residents said they carried rocks and guns for protection against packs of dogs.

Alex Donald Jackson, 31, was convicted of second-degree murder and could get 24 years to life in prison at his sentencing scheduled for Oct. 3.

Jackson owned four pit bulls that mauled 63-year-old Pamela Devitt during her morning walk in Little Rock on May 9, 2013.

Devitt died from blood loss after being bitten 200 times, the coroner’s office said. Gashes in her flesh were so deep that bone was exposed.

Prosecutors argued that Jackson was not just negligent but also knew that his animals could endanger someone’s life. They presented evidence that the dogs were involved in at least seven other altercations in the 18 months before the fatal attack.

In Little Rock, an Antelope Valley town of about 1,400 people, residents told the Los Angeles Times that they were often cornered by packs of dogs. Some have forbid their children from playing outside and have taken to carrying sticks, rocks and guns for protection.

Vincent Jackson said his brother Alex has accepted some responsibility in the case and wrote a letter to the victim’s husband that was never sent. Still, Vincent Jackson thinks the murder charge is a knee-jerk reaction to the community’s disdain for pit bulls.

“It feels like they’re trying to make an example of him,” Vincent Jackson said about his brother.

Defense attorney Al Kim echoed that sentiment, saying his client was taking the brunt of the rural area’s growing frustration over abandoned animals.

“At some point, something needs to be done about these stray dogs, and I think an unfair amount of responsibility is being directed at my client,” Kim said before the verdict was returned. “Does that mean he’s a murderer? Absolutely not.”

The National Canine Research Council estimates about 30 people are killed by dogs each year. Murder charges are rare because prosecutors must prove that the defendant knew the dogs were dangerous before the killing.

In trial testimony, several horseback riders said they had been chased or bitten by Alex Jackson’s dogs. Neighbors said the dogs jumped over a fence and made it difficult to retrieve mail. A mail carrier testified that he was unable to make a delivery to Alex Jackson’s residence because of a threatening dog that eventually chased his vehicle for half a mile.

Jackson testified that he was unaware of most of the incidents. He said he would have gotten rid of the dogs if he thought they were capable of killing someone.

At the time of his arrest, Jackson had eight dogs living at the home he shared with his mother. He had placed the four involved in the attack in his garage.

“I feel terrible about it. This isn’t anything that I orchestrated or planned, that I wanted to have happen,” he said.

Animal control officers testified that an inebriated Jackson told them shortly after the attack: “If you mess with me, you’re coming into the lions’ den.”

The victim’s husband, Ben Devitt, said he wanted a guilty verdict to set a precedent and make people aware that their dogs can create a dangerous situation.

Dog Abuse

Dogs and Cats used as Fishing Bait

We could not believe this story and thought it was just a bit of sick humor or even something to grab your attention, taking you to someone’s website … but in fact, it wasn’t. Unfortunately … this repulsive act of animal cruelty, is all too real. Below, is an article we found discussing the act of using dogs and cats as bait for sharks and alligators. This article was written back in 2005, when a yellow labrador puppy, 6 months old, was found with a double hook through its snout, as well as a hook through its leg.


******************** WARNING ********************

What you are about to read, may make you sick, angry, puzzled or all three …


Stray dogs are being skewered on hooks and dragged behind boats as live shark bait.

The cruel practice takes place on French-controlled Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, where Prince William spent two holidays.

A six-month-old labrador pup was recently found ALIVE with a huge double hook through its snout — like the dog above — and another through a leg. The pup was found in a coastal creek and is thought to have somehow freed itself from a fishing line. But other dogs and kittens have been chomped up and swallowed by sharks. The RSPCA plans to petition the French government, demanding an end to the hideous torture.

Shark Bait
(Collected on the Internet, September 2012)

PETITION: Please help stop French Islander and Mexican fishermen using live dogs and kittens as shark bait

To: The French and Mexican Governments

We have to stop this PLEASE help!

French Islanders using live puppies and kittens as shark bait??

Please stop this senseless abuse to innocent puppies and kittens. French Islander and Mexican fishermen are using LIVE puppies and kittens as shark bait!! No living being should have to undergo this torture and insurmountable fear! This is inhumane and must stop NOW. Together we can make a difference and let our voice be heard as ONE. Please sign this petition and please pass this along. Thank you for caring. Blessed be

Currently the penalty is only 2 years and $36,000 that is far too little for such a heinous crime. We urge that you raise the penalty to 10 years in prison with NO parole and a fine of $100,000. This will hopefully act as a deterrent and will stop these horrendous acts against innocent animals. Please do the right thing and help us stop these people.

Islanders on the French controlled Reunion Island have been using live dogs as shark bait.

The Sun claims that “a six-month-old labrador pup was recently found alive with a huge double hook through its snout – like the dog above – and another through a leg.”

It is also claimed that local fisherman have also been using kittens!

Reunion Island is an overseas departments of France and an official region of France, giving it the same status as a province or state in other countries.


OriginsThe claim that live dogs (and cats) were being used as bait by shark fisherman on Réunion Island (a French-controlled territory just off the coast of Southern Africa in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar) started hitting the world press in August 2005 and picked up steam in early October 2005, when it was reported by publications such as the UK’s Sun (an excerpt from which is quoted at the head of this page) and Sweden’s Aftonbladet, complete with a heart-rending picture of a purported “bait dog” with a large hook through its muzzle. Animal rights groups such as the RSPCA have taken up the cause of putting a stop to the horrible practice.

Many observers remain skeptical of such claims, however, positing theories that range from media and animal rights groups having been taken in by a hoax to a deliberate disinformation campaign being waged by activists who seek to end the slaughter of sharks for their fins and cartilage by Indian Ocean fisherman. Arguments have flown back and forth over the practicality and plausibility (or lack thereof) of Réunion Islanders fishing for sharks in the manner described.

A 2006 Réunion newspaper article acknowledged the practice and reported the recent prosecution of a deliveryman (and amateur fisherman) on that island over animal cruelty charges associated with the described activity, suggesting that although there may be some truth to the shark-fishing claim, the practice does not appear to be as widespread or horrific (or tolerated) as implied by news reports in the foreign press. Rather than describing hordes of shark fisherman impaling live dogs on hooks and dragging them behind boats as shark bait, the article noted that employing dogs in shark-fishing was largely the province of a small group of amateur fisherman rather than large numbers of professionals, that the dogs used were generally dead animals picked up from roadsides or culled from the island’s large population of unwanted strays (estimated at 150,000), and that the no-longer-alive animals were attached to unattended buoyed “shark trap” platforms rather than dragged alive behind boats.

The French embassy in Washington, D.C., also maintained that although the practice was not unknown, its occurrence and acceptance was not nearly as prevalent as recent news reports had made it seem:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for writing to us with your concerns. We too denounce the barbaric practices you refer to. Such acts are obviously illegal and will not be tolerated on French territory. But while we share your revulsion, we would like to emphasize that the practice of using live dogs or cats as shark bait is in fact exceptional and isolated. It was never widespread nor traditional, but introduced by ruthless individuals, and has been strictly banned for decades now.

TV reports that raised initial indignation when they were aired in France and abroad in 2005 were filmed locally in 2003 following the discovery of a mutilated dog. The last few months have seen two identical events which received heavy media coverage (one of these events was soon determined to be a false alarm). But can these vile occurrences lead us to conclude that there is an ongoing tradition of barbarism on Reunion Island?

Reunion Island, a French territory and a European region, obeys the laws and regulations of the French Republic and the European Union. It respects the rule of law and does not practice inhumane ancestral practices. The facts that elicited your complaint are the act of a few isolated, irresponsible parties who are being sought by the police and will be brought to justice. The authorities on the island are closely monitoring the situation; one person is in custody and appeared in court on Friday September 30, 2005. All suspicions of such acts will be investigated, and animal protection organizations that have any specific information on these matters are strongly encouraged to inform French police authorities.

The French minister for agriculture and fisheries, Dominique Bussereau, is fully aware of the media and public outcry regarding this issue, and has written to the French National Assembly to emphasize that several measures have been taken to strengthen already existing laws. Veterinarians have been directed to immediately report any suspicious wounds to authorities, and the police will increase their inspections of fishing and pleasure vessels. Meanwhile, a sterilization campaign, launched in 2001 to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats on the island, continues.

Animal rights are an important issue in France: over half of French households have at least one pet, and France has some of the world’s most stringent animal rights legislation. French law provides for the prosecution of those who are cruel to animals. Voluntary cruelty to animals is punishable by a sentence of two years in prison and a 30,000 euro fine (equivalent to about $36,000).


Press Office.
Cordialement / Regards
Service de Presse et d’Information / Press & Information Service
Ambassade de France / Embassy of France
Washington, D.C.

The photo displayed at the head of this page, which has adorned several news articles and humane society-related web pages on this topic, is a frame from a 2005 video produced by the 30 Million Friends Foundation. The video purportedly documents the case of a dog that had escaped from fishermen who planned to use it as shark bait; skeptics have questioned the authenticity of the video, maintaining that it merely shows the aftermath of an accidental entanglement that has been mistakenly or deceptively misused for publicity’s sake.

Dog Bite

How To Protect Yourself From A Dog Attack


Any time there are dog attacks in Dayton, or across the Miami Valley … Many news agencies reach out to Dayton Dog Trainer to discuss canine safety. Dayton Dog Trainer specializes in aggressive dog rehabilitation. News agencies are able to contact us for information that can help the public keep themselves safe from a possible dog attack. DDT appreciates a close working relationship with our local news agencies and the ability to help our local Miami Valley community remain knowledgeable about dogs.

Keep in mind … Every dog attack is going to be different. There is not one single way to defend yourself from a dog intent on biting you. We suggest you treat it as a fight for your life. Do whatever it takes to defend yourself from a possible life threatening attack. Do not feel bad about striking a dog who is attempting to bite you. Dogs are not going to feel bad about the damage he/she plans on doing to you. If you would like to signup for an evaluation, please click HERE to do so.


How to protect yourself from a dog attack


Protective Dog

Bad Owners … Not Bad Dogs


The Family Dog

There is no such thing as a bad dog … only bad dog owners. Most behaviors a dog possesses, are learned behaviors. So if you never get the dog the right type of training … never spend time with your dog … only have the dog around to yell at or tie to a tree … then you will get what you put into the dog … Nothing! This is what you call a bad dog owner.

Dogs are hardcore energy based creatures who thrive to please. Their only goal in life is to eat and be loved. It is important that you show your dog a balance of Obedience, Discipline and Affection, otherwise you create an imbalance in your dog’s mental stability.


Bad Dog Owner

It is sad to drive down the road and see a dog chained to a tree with 3 foot of tangled chain … no water … no food and matted hair. Why own a dog if that is what you are going to do with it. Dogs are meant to be pleasurable … not a pain in the ass. Unfortunately, there are those of you out there that could care less about their dog … it is simply a way to make 50 bucks off of the puppies it spits out. Then, those puppies are passed out to unverified homes, with no vaccinations, no papers and bad advise on how to raise their new puppy.

Take for example, the Pitbull … or Staffordshire Terrier … This breed was once a very powerful breed … a majestic breed, who would die to protect its master. They guarded palaces … ancient cities and fought side by side in battle with their master … all while willing to give up its life for their master. Now … now all we see with this breed is a mess of a dog that is either trying to chew your face off or rolling over on its back, while it pisses itself. Pretty damn sad to see, I might say … and its only mistake in life, was getting an irresponsible, bad dog owner.


If You See it, Report It

People … when you see something like this going on in your neighborhood … don’t hesitate to call your local ASPCA and report them.

Lately, fatal dog attacks are on the rise. We know this because we see it on the news and Dayton Dog Trainer is normally the one’s the news agencies come to when there is an attack. We have provided several interviews to local news agencies regarding these attacks and the sad part is … is 100% of those attacks could have been prevented! All it would have took, was a responsible owner. Instead, a man or woman had to lose their life, simply because the owners were not responsible in any manner. Now, a human being lost their life and the dog lost their life as well. Oh … and the worst part … the owner is nowhere to be found … because even after the attack, the bad dog owner refuses to lay claim to the dog … mostly because the bad dog owner is a irresponsible coward.


Becoming a Stable Minded Dog

A stable minded dog begins with puppy imprinting. It is important to allow your puppy to be a puppy, for as long as you can stand it. What I mean is … don’t try to start instructing or correcting too early. The biting, nipping, chewing, barking and all those other puppy behaviors, are simply apart of your puppy becoming a dog. The first year of a dog’s life is known as the Imprinting stage. This is where they learn who they’re going to be, How they’re going to be and What they’re going to be! They are learning important motor skills and essential social skills.


The Perfect Time

The perfect time to start training is going to depend on each individual dog. Every dog will grow and mature at its own pace. Commonly, 6 months to a year old, is the perfect time to start a training program. If the right type of training can be provided during the imprint stage, then the puppy will have an easier time absorbing the training. We recommend staying away from any type of treat training or clicker training. You will only become a source for treats or pleasure. No real respect will be gained from constant treating. We also highly recommend a Board and Train type of service. This allows for a much more consistent curriculum, as the puppy will be trained in real time. Trying to setup a situation isn’t always practical. Your dog will catch onto to the fake situation real quick and many times just lay down.

For all you responsible dog owners out there … Remember to provide Obedience, Discipline and Affection … Equally. Be sure to exercise your dog and bathe them when its needed. Don’t hesitate to shave your dog down for the summer. They also like to remain cool in the hot summer months. Be sure to keep them hydrated and healthy … Until next time!