Happy 4th of July! As fun and exciting as the the 4th is, our celebrations can cause our 4 legged friends to go into a different state of mind. Fear, Anxiety and panic are usually what you will see once the fireworks start flying. Many dogs are not comfortable with the loud noise, bright lights or the smell of spent explosives in the air. These things can cause your dog to go into a crazy state of mind.

It is important that we settle our dogs’ in for the night, so that we don’t cause discomfort. It is important to react accordingly when we see that our dog is having a tough time with an excited atmosphere. Keeping your dog inside during our annual celebrations may be the best thing for your dog. Doing so will help them get through the night without coming unglued. It is important that we don’t force our dogs to “tough it out”, as we can cause deep seeded issues in our dog. Just like humans, fireworks can cause post traumatic stress in our dogs.


Help your Dog(s) get through the 4th of July Fireworks

  • Be sure to bring your dog inside.
  • Don’t lock your dog in a crate during any fireworks activity. This can cause the to feel trapped or cornered.
  • Be sure to hydrate your dogs throughout the day leading up to the night as stress can cause dehydration.
  • Maybe throw a blanket in the dogs crate to assist in comforting them.
  • Do not baby your dog during any distress. It is okay to comfort … but do not baby them.
  • Try giving your dog a calming supplement
  • Exercise your dog during the day to burn some of their energy. This might cause them to simply sleep through all the excitement.
  • Adjust your dogs feed schedule for the day. Stress on a full stomach can sometimes cause your dog to vomit.
  • Put your dogs crate in a non common area for the day where there isn’t alot of foot traffic.
  • Turn on a radio or TV so as to cover up the sound of the fireworks.


These are just a few actions you can take to help your dog get through America’s Birthday. This should be a day of fun and excitement for all, including your dog. It doesn’t have to be a stressful situation for your dog. Be proactive instead of reactive.

Have Fun! Be Safe! Happy Birthday America!

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