Private Dog Services

Celebrities, High Profile Persons and Dignitaries

Dayton Dog Trainer offers private dog services for Celebrity Clients, High Profile Persons and Dignitaries. All Private Dog Training Services are provided with the utmost confidentiality for the retaining client. No matter the person, location or service … DDT will provide a professional and private dog service, at the same time, protecting your privacy and the privacy of all those associated.

Our Private Dog Services not only offer training services, but we also offer a full dog care service. We understand that your schedule can be hectic and time consuming which doesn’t allow for much time to care for your four legged family members, so we take that burden and concern away. We are available to travel to any location, both nationally as well as internationally.

Many High Profile Persons (HPP’s) will leave their dogs behind because they don’t have the time to care for them while they are away on business or work. With our private dog training service … you can now take your dog along with you while you travel. DDT will take care of your dog while you are taking care of your business. This type of service will allow you a bit of home, while you’re away. Remember … you have your dog, because you want to love them and spend time with them. We make this possible no matter your travels, lifestyle, schedule or situation.

All qualified trainers will have a clean criminal background. Most will be either former military or come from a law enforcement background. Your lifestyle, contact information, job title and profile will be confidential. We also provide a permanent gag order summary as well as an assistant compatibility guarantee in our contract.


Services Available

  • Training
  • Grooming Appointments
  • Travel – (Passport, Vaccinations and Foreign Regulations)
  • Daily Care
  • Daily Exercise
  • Client Requirements