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Dog Training Videos Coming Soon

Dog Training Videos Coming Soon

Learn How To Train Your Dog – Dog Training Instructional Videos – Do It Yourself Dog Training


Dayton Dog Trainer is in the process of filming our very detailed dog training videos. These videos are being filmed in 4K resolution as well as 1080P resolution to provide a high definition, high quality dog training video. Once available, we will offer our dog training videos on Blue Ray Disc or you can also download the dog training videos immediately to get started sooner.

Our dog training videos will cover everything you need and are to include …

  • Basic Obedience – Teaching your dog to walk on a leash, Sit, Stay, Down and Long Stay.
  • House Manners – Proper Command and Correction for in-home issues, Setting Boundaries, Proper Greeting of Guests and more
  • Behavior Correction – Covering Excessive Barking, Spinning, Nipping, Jumping, Counter Surfing, Chewing, etc.
  • Serious Issues – Dominance Issues, Start of Aggression, Dog Dominance, Fence Fighting … (Will Include Basic Remedies … Anything More and we will Suggest a Professional Trainer be Consulted)


We can also provide custom videos to those with specific issues. Our dog training videos can potentially save you hundreds even thousands of dollars. We will be creating these videos so that anyone with the ability to be physically active and of any age to comprehend, will be able to have the training they need for their dog. Look for our videos in the Spring and Summer of 2015.


Fear Training

I had a family member send me a video of several shepherds walking without leash, on a busy road. He was impressed at how obedient the dogs were … but I had to point out to him that those dogs were conditioned with fear tactics. The dogs in the video are being walked with e-collars on … better known as shock collars. These dogs are tripping over each other to stay right on top of their owner, so they don’t get shocked. It’s pretty sad in my opinion. The dogs are walking with their heads down, rather than high and proud and while investigating an approaching human, one of the dogs gets shocked.

The E-Collar is a great tool, if used correctly. But most people who use them, use them absolutely wrong. When the dog does something the handler don’t like, they get shocked … and this is not the correct way. There are even several so called trainers out there, using shock collars as part of their training program, without having any type of formal training with the tool themselves.

How can you train someone how to correctly use an e-collar, when you don’t even know what your doing yourself? Okay, so they went to a seminar or 2 … I guess that makes them an expert. LOL … no! It makes them dangerous.

Even with 6 er 7 years of e-collar training … I don’t feel like I have expertise to instruct another on proper use.

Be careful folks … There are several unqualified “trainers out there. There are some great trainers out there as well … but there are those who don’t have a clue.


Here’s the video … form your own opinion.

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

Holiday Promotional Pricing Event


This is a great time for huge savings on dog training as we are offering 25% off all dog obedience packages. This is a 72 hour labor day weekend sale, so don’t waste time … CALL NOW to setup your same day evaluation and have your dog trained asap!

Contact us at 937-314-1364 and setup your evaluation. A trainer will arrive at your home to evaluate your dog. Once the evaluation is complete, the trainer will advise on which type of training would be best for your dog, how long it will take and what the cost of that training will be. We always try provide a couple options.

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend … we hope to hear from you soon!

Dog Attacks on the Rise in Dayton, Ohio

Infant Killed in Dog Attack in Dayton, Ohio


(Reuters) – An autopsy was under way on an Ohio infant who died this weekend after being attacked by a relative’s dog, a coroner’s office said Monday.

The 7-month-old boy, Jonathon Quarles, Jr, was fatally mauled by his step-grandmother’s dog around midday Sunday, according to the Dayton Police Department.

In a 911 call released by police, a neighbor of the woman who was babysitting Quarles told a dispatcher that the woman came to his door, holding the baby in her hands “and the baby’s not breathing.”

The child was not responsive by the time medical help arrived, said Chris Williams, superintendent of investigation for the Dayton police.

The dog was identified by its owner as an American Staffordshire terrier and resembles what is commonly known as a pit bull, Williams said. The dog was removed from the home following the attack.

No charges have yet been filed, but police are investigating, Williams said.

Preliminary autopsy findings could be available later Monday, a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County coroner’s office said.



A Note from Dayton Dog Trainer

Unfortunately, there are more and more dog attacks going on in the Dayton area. This isn’t a dog problem … this is an owner problem. The best advice Dayton Dog Trainer can give you is … Don’t wait for something to happen before you seek professional help with your dog. At the first notice of something not being right with your dog, you need to seek help. Remember … training is always cheaper than a lawsuit … and no matter what you do, you can not bring a human being back to life if your dog takes a life.

A Card from a Client

A Card from a Client
This is a card that Dayton Dog Trainer just received in the mail today. This comes from the Davis Family, who have been great clients for us and had their dog “Tommy” trained. This family decided to go with our “Board and Train” package and Tommy came to live with us, in our home for about 7 to 10 days. When Tommy came to us, he was un-trained, very spoiled and had a fear of going up and down stairs. He was also having a bit of potty issues and was a hyper little boy that loved to play and get on the furniture and bark excessively.


Card_2We had originally setup the training package for Tommy to stay with us for around 5 to 7 days. Although he did rather well in those days, we were not happy with where he was after that time, so we contacted the Davis family and asked if we could keep Tommy with us for another few days. They advised that “if that is what we needed to get Tommy on track, then they wanted what was best for Tommy.” After a few more days, we had Tommy doing very well with all his commands and his house manners.


Tommy was a special client of ours, as he was the very first dog to be trained using actual sign language hand commands. This was awesome for us, as we had an opportunity to learn a bit from our clients.


While checking the mail today, I found the attached card in our mail from the Davis family. Dayton Dog Trainer would like to thank the Davis family for their business, their patience in teaching us sign language and for their kindness in sending us this card. We truly appreciate receiving such an item in the mail, as it verifies we are doing the right job for our clients. Thank You!


TommyBelow is a picture of Tommy, which was also sent to us in this card. We will add it to our wall of pictures in our office, for all to see. Tommy is welcome to visit us any time in the future, as we hope he does. We enjoy receiving cards and letters, letting us know how our trained dogs are doing, after going through training. Whether it’s good or bad, we like to know, so we know if we are doing the right thing.