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Fake Ratings
Under Class Action Lawsuit for Extortion

Thank you for stopping by to checkout our Reviews of Dayton Dog Trainer. There are several great, online review websites … but there are also a few deceptive websites, which cause harm to small businesses, unless you pay! Keep in mind, when a client is happy, any business owner will tell you it is hard to get them to take the time to visit a website and leave a comment or review about the service they received. Upset a client for any reason and people will go out of their way to destroy you. Those type of clients make the rounds to all the review sites to do as much damage as possible. So one reviewer can make it seem as though you have several bad reviews … not to mention the “pile on”, using friends and family members to drop a negative review even though those friends or family members never obtained services.

One of the biggest extortion sites online, is Yelp. Yelp will promote your negative reviews and make it hard for searchers to find your positive reviews. Not to worry though! Simply pay Yelp $150 a month and the negative reviews disappear as they promote the positive reviews. They also give a star rating, based off the negative. As an example. If you have 2 negative reviews, a company will obtain a 1 star rating, even though they have 15 positive reviews hidden somewhere buried and hard to find, unless you take the time to search through the website. This is called extortion! This is the reason that Yelp is under a Class Action Lawsuit by many businesses across the country. They are being sued for extortion for this very reason.

However … there are several honest review sites across the web such as Bark, Google, BringFido, etc..

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Success Rate

Obedience 99%
Behavior Modification 93%
Aggression Rehab 91%