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Dog Behavior Modification, can mean a variety of things. This can include, but is not limited to dog aggression, dog fear and dog anxiety, and many other issues. Dayton Dog Trainer approaches these behaviors different from many other trainers or facilities. A lot of other dog trainers believe they can modify a dogs behavior when it comes to fear or anxiety, while implementing obedience. We have found that procedure, does more damage than good, and does not get to the root of the underlying problem or issue.

Dayton Dog Trainer now offers Acupuncture for Dogs. Being that dogs are energy based creatures … releasing that negative energy will help tremendously with the dogs rehabilitation and recovery. Not all dogs who have these issues will need dog acupuncture. This isn’t something we are suggesting for all dogs that we work with. All of our practices are organic by nature. What we mean by this is … we lean more to the holistic side of things. We don’t believe in pills such as anti-depressants, nerve pills or anything else that would be considered, “unnatural or man made”. Those sorts of medications or practices are not healthy, for our 4 legged companions.

We have found that offering holistic solutions, for issues pertaining to our dogs … is a more healthy and practical way of doing things.

All of our specialized services are conducted by professionals only. These services are given by Veterinarian Doctors, which work with Dayton Dog Trainer.

We are very confident in our approach to Dog Behavior Modification, because we have the tools and abilities, along with the experience and knowledge, to help those dogs in need of relief from fear, anxiety or aggression. When a dog lives under these types of pressures … their world is very small and has to be a horrible way to live their¬†life.

If you allow Dayton Dog Trainer to implement our services, and follow through with the plan we put in place … you can be sure that your heading in the right direction for success. It is imperative that once you start the process, you finish it. This will allow for a much greater chance of success in bringing your dog back into mental stability.

Other Types of Dog Behavior

Other types of Dog Behavior Modification can consist of simply fixing issues such as eating grass, eating stool, spinning, excessive barking, doing things over and over in an obvious manner that would be considered defective thinking or mental issues. We specialize in dogs with aggression problems, whether it be dog aggression, people aggression, food aggression or just plain aggression, along with behavioral issues that don’t allow for your canine companion to live a healthy balanced life. You can’t help but to feel sorry for a dog that lives in a world, where he thinks, that everyone and everything are out to get him.

Fear in a dog is a very scary thing to contend with. Fear can make a dog go insane, be aggressive, roll over on his back and submit to everything, urinate all over the floor, or their selves. Allowing these issues to fester on and on, can be dangerous … not only for the dog, but for the owners also. Even a dog that doesn’t have aggression issues, can be driven to bite, out of fear. We call these dogs … Fear Biters. This is one of the most dangerous situations, because you can never predict a dog’s behavior, when fear is occurring in their life.

If you are dealing with any of these issues or any other issue … it is imperative, that you seek professional help for your dog, as soon as possible. As a result, it will easier to deal with, the sooner you start in the right direction, rather letting it get even more out of control.

Behavior Modification Services

  • Acupuncture for Dogs
  • Aggression
  • Behavioral Rehabilitation
  • Excessive Barking
  • Excessive Clinging
  • Holistic Treatments
  • Anxiety Treatment
  • Fear Rehabilitation
  • Spinning
  • Rock Chewing
  • Depression
  • Fence Fighting
  • Dog Aggression
  • Food Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Eating Stool
  • Eating Grass