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Thank you for your interest in our Puppy Training, Dog Training, Behavior Modification or Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Services. Before we take your money and make you promises, we want to know what we could be working with, should you decide to retain services. You can simply Schedule an Evaluation below. Every dog is different, therefore the same old “one size fits all” type training does not work on all dogs. We do not simply sign you up for services, just to sign you up. We also want to make sure your dog doesn’t have any underlying issues that may prohibit them from learning or adjusting. Not every dog is trainable or fixable and if the evaluation reveals such a case, we will let you know that too. Your dog may need a different type of service then what you’re attempting to retain or originally thought was needed. Very rarely do we meet or evaluate a dog that can’t be helped … but they are out there. We understand you are counting on us to get this right, and we have every intention in doing so.

Simply complete the form below to schedule an evaluation and someone from our team will contact you either by phone or email on the same day you submit your request, to confirm your appointment. If you need assistance scheduling an evaluation, feel free to contact us by phone. If you would like a same day evaluation, please submit your request online, then call us at (937) 314-1364 to let us know you would like us to come out today.



If you wish to have a same day evaluation, it is important that you contact us by phone at (937) 314-1364, after completing the form below, just to verify we have received your request on time.


Thank you … We look forward to helping you with your dog.

  • We can provide same day evaluations as long as the evaluation is scheduled by 3pm.
  • All Evaluations are conducted in your home … we come to you.
  • Evaluations take an average of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how long we talk.
  • Evaluations can be provided between the hours of 10 noon and 9pm, Monday through Friday and from 9am to 1pm on Saturday. We can accommodate your schedule, if a different time is needed outside normal evaluation hours.
  • Once the evaluation is complete, we will advise on the type of service we recommend, how long we project it will take and what the cost of the service will be.
  • There will be a small cost associated with the evaluation … however, all evaluations are FREE when you signup for services.


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    If you are reaching out to Dayton Dog Trainer in reference to an aggression issue, please have your dog crated (preferred) … Or on a leash and collar that the dog is unable to escape, so as not to allow the dog the ability to approach the arriving trainer.



    If you have any images or videos of your dogs behavior, please feel free to send them over to us ... as they could assist in diagnosing unwanted behavior.