How To Prevent Dog Dehydration


Dog Safety Tips – Keeping your Dog Cool in the Summer – Dogs in Hot Vehicles



Prevent your Dog from Overheating

If you are taking your dog on a trip, be sure to keep plenty of water on hand … and don’t forget the bowl. If your dog is at home, be sure to keep water out for your dog to drink any time they choose. Remember, dogs do not sweat like humans, they lose water through panting. You can also give your dog Gatorade, but be sure to stay away from anything that contains citrus, as citric acid is not good for dogs. If you don’t want to give Gatorade, they make an additive for water called Blue-Lite, which is a quick way to hydrate your dog as well. If you notice your dog is panting really hard, that is a sign that they are hot, so another good way to keep your dog cool is to break out the kiddy pool. Most dogs will love to spend time in the pool, because it helps cool their body.

Dogs also love to have their hair cut during the hot summer months. You may be surprised at just how much better they will show that they feel, once all that hair is gone. Don’t be afraid to shave them down … they will love it!


Never Leave your Dog in a Hot Vehicle

One of the most dangerous things you can do, is leave your dog in a hot car with the windows rolled up. Cracking the windows does nothing to change that. A vehicle sitting in 85° weather, can quickly hit 102° in less than 10 minutes. This is enough to kill your dog. Should this happen, you can be charged with cruelty to animals and face a long legal battle that is sure to leave you without your dog, but also hit with huge fines and the humiliation of killing your dog, when it could have easily been prevented. Don’t be stupid! If it’s too hot, then don’t take them or if you are going to take them, then be sure to take someone with you, so that you can leave the vehicle running with the air conditioning on.