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I had a family member send me a video of several shepherds walking without leash, on a busy road. He was impressed at how obedient the dogs were … but I had to point out to him that those dogs were conditioned with fear tactics. The dogs in the video are being walked with e-collars on … better known as shock collars. These dogs are tripping over each other to stay right on top of their owner, so they don’t get shocked. It’s pretty sad in my opinion. The dogs are walking with their heads down, rather than high and proud and while investigating an approaching human, one of the dogs gets shocked.

The E-Collar is a great tool, if used correctly. But most people who use them, use them absolutely wrong. When the dog does something the handler don’t like, they get shocked … and this is not the correct way. There are even several so called trainers out there, using shock collars as part of their training program, without having any type of formal training with the tool themselves.

How can you train someone how to correctly use an e-collar, when you don’t even know what your doing yourself? Okay, so they went to a seminar or 2 … I guess that makes them an expert. LOL … no! It makes them dangerous.

Even with 6 er 7 years of e-collar training … I don’t feel like I have expertise to instruct another on proper use.

Be careful folks … There are several unqualified “trainers out there. There are some great trainers out there as well … but there are those who don’t have a clue.


Here’s the video … form your own opinion.