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We have been hearing a lot more about the dog attacks going on across the country lately. At the center of those attacks is the “Pitbull” or what people are calling the Pitbull. In fact, what people are calling the Pitbull breed is not always the case. There are so many bully breeds out there and many of those are similar to the Pitbull, but in fact, they are not. When any breed resembling the Pitbull breed is found to be the aggressor in a dog attack, it is automatically labeled a Pitbull.


We have compiled a few pictures of dogs that may or may not be an actual Pitbull. The reason we have done this, is to show you how easy it is to be bias about a breed that many know very little of. Can you pick the right one?



Staffordshire TerrierPresa CanarioOlde English Bulldog
Dogo ArgentinoCane CorsoBull Mastiff
BoxerBoerboelAmerican Pitbull Terrier
American BulldogAlano EspanolDogue-de-Bordeau

Be honest … did you choose the correct dog on your first choice? This is why so many people mistake many other breeds for the Pitbull breed. In many “Pitbull” attacks, the attacker is not even a Pitbull. We recently did an interview for our local news station about the recent dog attacks in the Dayton, Ohio area. One of the questions asked, was “Is there a such thing as a bad breed of Dog?” We answered that question with the following statement. “There is no such thing as a bad breed … but there are bad owners.” The problem with many dog owners and where they go wrong is … dog owners wait for something to happen, before they seek professional help from a dog trainer, instead of being proactive. The moment you notice anything outside of normalcy with your dog, you should be seeking the help and assistance of a professional dog trainer.

Remember … dog training is always cheaper than a dog bite or dog attack lawsuit!