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Bad Owners Not Bad Dogs

The Family Dog

There is no such thing as a bad dog … only bad dog owners. Most behaviors dogs possess, are learned behaviors. So if you never get the dog the right type of training … never spend time with your dog … only have the dog around to yell at or tie to a tree … then you will get what you put into the dog … Nothing! This is what you call a bad dog owner.

Dogs are hardcore energy based creatures who thrive to please. Their only goal in life is to eat and be loved. It is important that you show your dog a balance of Obedience, Discipline and Affection, otherwise you create an imbalance in your dog’s mental stability.


Bad Dog Owner

It is sad to drive down the road and see a dog chained to a tree with 3 foot of tangled chain … no water … no food and matted hair. Why own a dog if that is what you are going to do with it. Dogs are meant to be pleasurable … not a pain in the ass. Unfortunately, there are those of you out there that could care less about their dog … it is simply a way to make 50 bucks off of the puppies it spits out. Then, those puppies are passed out to unverified homes, with no vaccinations, no papers and bad advise on how to raise their new puppy.

Take for example, the Pitbull … or Staffordshire Terrier … This breed was once a very powerful breed … a majestic breed, who would die to protect its master. They guarded palaces … ancient cities and fought side by side in battle with their master … all while willing to give up its life for their master. Now … now all we see with this breed is a mess of a dog that is either trying to chew your face off or rolling over on its back, while it pisses itself. Pretty damn sad to see, I might say … and its only mistake in life, was getting an irresponsible, bad dog owner.


If You See it, Report It

People … when you see something like this going on in your neighborhood … don’t hesitate to call your local ASPCA and report them.

Lately, fatal dog attacks are on the rise. We know this because we see it on the news and Dayton Dog Trainer is normally the one’s the news agencies come to when there is an attack. We have provided several interviews to local news agencies regarding these attacks and the sad part is … is 100% of those attacks could have been prevented! All it would have took, was a responsible owner. Instead, a man or woman had to lose their life, simply because the owners were not responsible in any manner. Now, a human being lost their life and the dog lost their life as well. Oh … and the worst part … the owner is nowhere to be found … because even after the attack, the bad dog owner refuses to lay claim to the dog … mostly because the bad dog owner is a irresponsible coward.



Becoming a Stable Minded Dog

A stable minded dog begins with puppy imprinting. It is important to allow your puppy to be a puppy, for as long as you can stand it. What I mean is … don’t try to start instructing or correcting too early. The biting, nipping, chewing, barking and all those other puppy behaviors, are simply apart of your puppy becoming a dog. The first year of a dog’s life is known as the Imprinting stage. This is where they learn who they’re going to be, How they’re going to be and What they’re going to be! They are learning important motor skills and essential social skills.


The Perfect Time

The perfect time to start training is going to depend on each individual dog. Every dog will grow and mature at its own pace. Commonly, 6 months to a year old, is the perfect time to start a training program. If the right type of training can be provided during the imprint stage, then the puppy will have an easier time absorbing the training. We recommend staying away from any type of treat training or clicker training. You will only become a source for treats or pleasure. No real respect will be gained from constant treating. We also highly recommend a Board and Train type of service. This allows for a much more consistent curriculum, as the puppy will be trained in real time. Trying to setup a situation isn’t always practical. Your dog will catch onto to the fake situation real quick and many times just lay down.

For all you responsible dog owners out there … Remember to provide Obedience, Discipline and Affection … Equally. Be sure to exercise your dog and bathe them when its needed. Don’t hesitate to shave your dog down for the summer. They also like to remain cool in the hot summer months. Be sure to keep them hydrated and healthy … Until next time!

How To Protect Yourself From A Dog Attack

Any time there is dog attacks in Dayton that takes place in the Miami Valley … Many news agencies reach out to Dayton Dog Trainer to discuss canine safety. DDT specializes in aggressive dog rehabilitation. News agencies are able to contact us for information that can help the public keep themselves safe from a possible dog attack. DDT appreciates a close working relationship with our local news agencies and the ability to help our local Miami Valley community remain knowledgeable about dogs.

Keep in mind … Every dog attack is going to be different. There is not one single way to defend yourself from a dog intent on biting you. We suggest you treat it as a fight for your life. Do whatever it takes to defend yourself from a possible life threatening attack. Do not feel bad about striking a dog who is attempting to bite you. Dogs not going to feel bad about the damage he/she plans on doing to you. If you would like to signup for an evaluation, please click HERE to do so.

Dog Attacks in Dayton

Professional Caring Trainers

Professional Caring Staff

Professional Caring Staff

Dayton Dog Trainer provides Professional Caring Staff that will work with you and your dog to provide the best result. Our trainers truly care about our clients obtaining the result they are looking for. We will take the time to instruct our clients on proper dog handling. Dayton Dog Trainer does not offer the typical “walk in circles, throw treats” type training. Instead, we provide real training for the real world. Our trainers will teach our clients about how to properly command and correct their dog(s), when in an environment, inside and outside the home. We take the time to take your dog into public, so that we can work and train in a real world environment. We use those locations for the distractions they offer.

Most dog owners will take their dog with them when they go outside the home, from time to time. It is important that your dog respond and react to given commands, in those environments. Our professional caring staff will also train with you, one on one, in those environments, when the time is right.


Professional Caring Staff - Also Found on Facebook

Training Environments

  • Pet Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • In Town, in the Public
  • Sporting Events
  • Dog Parks
  • In Your Home
  • And many other public environments and events.


It is important that our staff work with your dog in these different locations. These locations allow us an opportunity to obtain the right result. Our professional caring staff takes great care in transporting your dog from location to location as well as proper care in handling your dog. We always take water and sometimes food with us when we travel. Our professional caring staff monitors your dog 100% of the time, while working with them. Our staff wants to make sure your dog is comfortable, not overly stressed and is in a constant state of well being. We assure that your dog stays hydrated during their stay with us. Our professional caring staff will also provide breaks for your dog. We provide time for breaks, hydrating, relaxing and cooling down.


No Wait on PTSD Dogs

No Wait on PTSD Dogs


The average wait time for a PTSD therapy dog is 3 years. Dayton Dog Trainer has NO WAIT on PTSD Therapy Dogs. Select most any breed and we will be able to provide you with your PTSD Dog alot faster than the national average.

  • Guaranteed Trainability
  • Guaranteed Skeletal
  • Guaranteed Compatibility
  • Guaranteed Health

We can provide a custom trained service dog for those who suffer from PTSD or TBI. No matter your needs, DDT has the expertise to provide you with the dog you need to make your life a little easier.

Contact us Today to inquire about a Therapy Dog.

Dog Training Videos Coming Soon

Dog Training Videos Coming Soon

Learn How To Train Your Dog – Dog Training Instructional Videos – Do It Yourself Dog Training


Dayton Dog Trainer is in the process of filming our very detailed dog training videos. These videos are being filmed in 4K resolution as well as 1080P resolution to provide a high definition, high quality dog training video. Once available, we will offer our dog training videos on Blue Ray Disc or you can also download the dog training videos immediately to get started sooner.

Our dog training videos will cover everything you need and are to include …

  • Basic Obedience – Teaching your dog to walk on a leash, Sit, Stay, Down and Long Stay.
  • House Manners – Proper Command and Correction for in-home issues, Setting Boundaries, Proper Greeting of Guests and more
  • Behavior Correction – Covering Excessive Barking, Spinning, Nipping, Jumping, Counter Surfing, Chewing, etc.
  • Serious Issues – Dominance Issues, Start of Aggression, Dog Dominance, Fence Fighting … (Will Include Basic Remedies … Anything More and we will Suggest a Professional Trainer be Consulted)


We can also provide custom videos to those with specific issues. Our dog training videos can potentially save you hundreds even thousands of dollars. We will be creating these videos so that anyone with the ability to be physically active and of any age to comprehend, will be able to have the training they need for their dog. Look for our videos in the Spring and Summer of 2015.


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