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A Card from a Client
This is a card that Dayton Dog Trainer just received in the mail today. This comes from the Davis Family, who have been great clients for us and had their dog “Tommy” trained. This family decided to go with our “Board and Train” package and Tommy came to live with us, in our home for about 7 to 10 days. When Tommy came to us, he was un-trained, very spoiled and had a fear of going up and down stairs. He was also having a bit of potty issues and was a hyper little boy that loved to play and get on the furniture and bark excessively.


Card_2We had originally setup the training package for Tommy to stay with us for around 5 to 7 days. Although he did rather well in those days, we were not happy with where he was after that time, so we contacted the Davis family and asked if we could keep Tommy with us for another few days. They advised that “if that is what we needed to get Tommy on track, then they wanted what was best for Tommy.” After a few more days, we had Tommy doing very well with all his commands and his house manners.


Tommy was a special client of ours, as he was the very first dog to be trained using actual sign language hand commands. This was awesome for us, as we had an opportunity to learn a bit from our clients.


While checking the mail today, I found the attached card in our mail from the Davis family. Dayton Dog Trainer would like to thank the Davis family for their business, their patience in teaching us sign language and for their kindness in sending us this card. We truly appreciate receiving such an item in the mail, as it verifies we are doing the right job for our clients. Thank You!


TommyBelow is a picture of Tommy, which was also sent to us in this card. We will add it to our wall of pictures in our office, for all to see. Tommy is welcome to visit us any time in the future, as we hope he does. We enjoy receiving cards and letters, letting us know how our trained dogs are doing, after going through training. Whether it’s good or bad, we like to know, so we know if we are doing the right thing.