We will not be able to provide you with pricing over the phone. Because we do not provide the “One Size Fits All” type training, we do not have “One Size Fits All” pricing. Our services are geared toward YOUR dog specifically. We ARE NOT going to punish you with a high prices just because someone else had the same breed, with major issues. We need to conduct an evaluation, so that we can price YOUR dog’s needs … not the breed!


Once we have had an opportunity to evaluate your dog, it is at that time we will be able to provide you with our recommendation on the type of training or rehab your dog will need … the projected length of training or rehab that your dog will need and all pricing options available for the service(s) we are recommending. Every dog is different, therefore will require a different amount of training than other dogs. The evaluation will also tell us how adaptable your dog is to training or rehabilitation. Because we guarantee result, we want to know what we are working with before we just take your money and make promises. If we are going to make you promises, we want to know what we are working with, so that we know for sure that we can deliver on those promises.


Evaluation and Demonstration Pricing



  • Montgomery County – $50
  • Preble County – $50
  • Darke County – $100
  • Miami County – $100
  • Clark County – $100
  • Greene County – $100
  • Warren County – $100
  • Butler County – $100
  • Shelby County – $150
  • Champaign County – $150
  • Logan County – $175
  • Hamilton County – $150
  • Richmond, Indiana – $125

In Other States – Call for Pricing




We do not quote any prices over the phone, due to the fact, every dog is different and each have different needs. Our Evaluation is $50.00 to drive to your home and evaluate your dog and price what is needed to obtain exactly what your wanting out of your dog. If you decide you want to retain our services, then the evaluation will be free and you would only be required to pay for the service in which we are being retained. If you are outside Montgomery County, the Evaluation fee will be $50.00 more every time we need to go another county further … non-refundable.


Film or Movie Dogs

Dayton Dog Trainer provides services for those in the Movie or Film industry. If your in need of a trained dog for your movie or film, please contact us for information and pricing. We can provide training for specific actions needed in your film or movie … and also offer on-set instruction or handling of the dog.

NOTE: An evaluation must be performed before you can be considered for any of our services, as we aren’t going to sign you up, just to take your money … Our training is guaranteed, therefore we don’t always sign everyone up for services … we want to be sure we are capable of providing you with the results you are needing.