Dogs for Veterans – Handicap Assistance Dogs – Police Dogs – Therapy Dogs

Your Donations Will Help Those Without Insurance And Are Unable To Afford The Cost Of A Much Needed Service Dog.



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Dayton Dog Trainer is asking that you please provide donations for several needs and several different types of people. We have started this “Donations for Dogs” fundraiser to assist in purchasing and training the much needed dogs that veterans need. Our American Hero’s are coming back from war with PTSD, TBI, anxiety issues and more. We also have police departments across the country … even locally in Ohio that need service dogs to assist in saving live’s, riding their community of crime, taking drugs off the street as well as many more services in which these police dogs can provide.

We also have several people in need of handicap assistance dogs. These dogs are crucial for guiding the blind, performing physical tasks that some people are unable to perform as well as providing companionship to our elders who live alone. There are those who also need a therapy dog. Therapy Dogs are used all the time to make visits to hospitals, special needs centers, schools, and nursing homes as well as many other places.

Maybe you have a family member who is in need of one of these dogs. Maybe you know someone who is need of one of these dogs. Even if you don’t … wouldn’t you want to provide a service dog to your family member is they did require a dog?

We are asking anyone to make donations to our cause. All donations will go to the purchase of these dogs, as we receive requests from those who need a service dog, but the insurance they have won’t pay for it … or for those who have no insurance and are unable to pay out of pocket for a service dog. Your donations will also pay for the training these dogs will require, before they can be placed in a home. The dogs and the training be be pretty expensive, depending on the type of service dog that is required. Along with purchasing these dogs and paying for training, each person will also need handler training, depending on their service dog requirements. All of this adds up fairly quick.


What Are My Donations Used For?

  1. Purchasing of the Dog
  2. Training of Each Service Dog
  3. Food and Supplies for Each Service Dog
  4. Handler Training
  5. Importation of Service Dogs – (when required)
  6. Travel Expenses for Trainer, Dogs and/or Recipient
  7. Handler Equipment (leashes, harnesses, K9 ballistics vests, etc.)
  8. Police Vehicle Equipment – (cruiser k9 insert, bail out systems, police cruisers, etc.)
  9. Handicap Assistance Dog Equipment (collar mounted voice systems, wheelchair attachment hardware, etc.)
  10. Assistance Dog Certifications


As you can see, your donations will be used for many things. The donations we receive will go into providing assistance dogs and service dogs for those who meet the requirements for such a dog. There will also be administration fees for continuing our efforts in providing these dogs to those in need, as this task is very time consuming and has its own set of expenses. 90% of all donations will go toward providing service dogs to those in need.

We will accept ANY size donations. All donations are tax deductible and we ask that you do all you can, to provide these dogs to those in need. With you donations, you will be changing someone’s life, for the better. We know there are many agencies out there taking donations, but ours will be used locally … right here in Ohio.