Dogs for Veterans


Veteran Assistance Dogs – PTSD – TBI – Veteran Companion Dogs

Thank You for your Service!


Dogs for Veterans


If you are a veteran, looking for a dog … we first want to Thank You for Your Service. We also want to let you know we provide dogs for veterans … so, we CAN assist you with your service dog needs. If you are suffering from PTSD, TBI, need a veteran assistance dog or companion to assist you with keeping your mind at ease, performing tasks, lowering your stress levels or any other need … we have you covered! Dayton Dog Trainer is able to provide you with any breed you would like to have. We are able to train your dog for any type of service you require, as well as provide the handler training you will need to properly lead this type of dog.

As our country’s elite … you deserve the best. We will provide you with the best! We can work with your insurance company to provide the dog your needing. If this purchase is going to be from your own pocket … we are able to provide major discounts, setup fundraising programs and work with you to get the dog you need. Dayton Dog Trainer is in the process of setting up a system to accept donations. We hope to obtain enough funding to provide those who qualify, with the dog you need, at no charge.

Dogs for veterans are able to provide a ton of comfort for our American veterans, that are dealing with issues or situations that the average person couldn’t understand. Many of our soldiers were attached to K9 units while serving, or actually was the one working a dog during their service. Dogs for veterans isn’t just providing a dog to a veteran … it is so much more. Unless you were there … you may not understand.



Dogs for Veterans – Insurance Purchases

We provide dogs for veterans for those who are utilizing their insurance to retain their dog,pay for service dog training as well as handler training. We work with most insurance companies to get the breed you want. Certain forms will need to be submitted, a physician will need to submit the prescription to your insurance company along with transcripts to back up the need for such a prescription.

Veterans prescribed service dogs can use a separate insurance policy from the Veteran’s Administration that includes specific coverage for the animal. The VA only covers dogs certified by either Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or the International Guide Dog Foundation (IGDF). Once we have completed the training of all dogs for veterans, we would need to have it certified by ADI or IGDF.



Dogs for Veterans – Out of Pocket

Dogs for veterans can be pretty expensive. Most will attempt to have dogs for veterans covered by their military insurance. This isn’t always as easy at it should be. If you were ever in the military, you know that the military sometimes tends to make things more difficult, than they have to be. Plus, the military moves at their own pace … which is where the phrase “hurry up and wait” comes from.

Dayton Dog Trainer understands that everyone is not rich. Many people, including veterans cannot afford to pay for a service dog for their PTSD, TBI or the need for a veteran assistance dog or veteran companion dog. Dayton Dog Trainer will do all we can to assist you with retaining dogs for veterans. We offer several discounts and will always try to work with any size budget. Simply contact us to inquire about dogs for veterans. Mention to us that this will be an out of pocket purchase.



Dogs for Veterans – Fundraising & Donation Setup

If your insurance won’t pay and you are unable to put together the funds you need to purchase dogs for veterans … No Worries! Dayton Dog Trainer will setup all fundraising campaigns as well as solicit donations, to get you the dog you need. We will need you to submit a few forms. Once you have contacted us … we will email or fax all forms to you.


Form Submissions Include …

  • Application
  • DD214 Copy
  • Personal Bio – For Fundraising Use Only
  • Picture of Yourself – For Fundraising Use Only
  • Physician Contact Form – Includes Release of Pertinent Medical Records (Not all records are required)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Housing Questionnaire
  • Personal Questionnaire



Tax Breaks

While taxes aren’t actually insurance, they can make a huge difference in how much money stays in your pocket. If your medical expenses, including service dog costs, total more than 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income, the Internal Revenue Service will recognize dogs for veterans as a legitimate deduction. Eligible expenses include the costs of buying, training, and maintaining dogs for veterans.


Fundraising & Donations

All fundraising and donations for all dogs for veterans will be conducted using direct mail, online fundraising campaigns and grants. Anytime we setup fundraising or donation campaigns for dogs for veterans … all campaigns and financial gains will be setup through Dayton Dog Trainer’s banking institution to account for all funds.


If you know anyone needing dogs for veterans … contact us today! We will get the ball rolling, so that we can deliver the dog your needing. We will make every attempt to make this an easy process and a quick process. Again … Thank You to All of our American Veterans.