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Live Online Video Dog Obedience with Skype

It might sound crazy … but yes … we are offering an online dog obedience training course for those anywhere in The United States and Canada. Using Skype as our live connector, we are able to train you, to train your dog, using Skype online, live video chat and your webcam. You can train your dog, in the privacy of your home and on your schedule.


How our online dog obedience class works:

  • We will instruct you to train your dog using live video chat.
  • We will demonstrate and instruct on one of our dogs , as we instruct you to train your dog.
  • You will be able to to teach your dog to sit, stay, down, come as well as fix common household issues such as, bombarding guests as the door, begging for food, setting boundaries, staying off the furniture and more.
  • Online dog obedience training takes place once a week, in the privacy of your own home.
  • We train once a week
  • Length of training will depend on your evaluation … once we have evaluated, we will be able to suggest an amount of time it will take to train your dog online.

Dayton Dog Trainer offers free email support with our online dog obedience training courses, depending on the package you choose to go with from our evaluation recommendation. We don’t just provide you with one option, from the evaluation. We will still need to evaluate your dog and discuss your needs.



  • High Speed Internet
  • Free Skype Account
  • Webcam
  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Area in your home, large enough to train in


Sign up for our online dog obedience training course by contacting us today!

Skype Video Dog Training

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