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Bite Work & Apprehension – Prisoner Escort – Narcotics Detection – Tracking – Explosives Detection – Search & Rescue – Building Searches – Cadaver Detection


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There are several different jobs that a trained dual purpose or multi-purpose K9 can perform. DDT offers personal protection dogs, dogs for scent detection, in the detection of mold, bedbug’s or any other scent in which you have a need to locate. We also offer police dogs as well as dogs for security companies and even patrol dogs for schools.

Dayton Dog Trainer offers dual purpose and multiple purpose working dogs for several different applications. To have a multi-purpose working K-9 is to have a dog that is capable of providing 3 or more different services or specialized skills. Many police K9 units are equipped with a dog that is able to perform scent detection, bite work and apprehension, building searches as well as tracking.


Types of Services

  • Bite Work & Apprehension
  • Prisoner Escort
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Tracking
  • Explosives Detection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Building Searches
  • Cadaver Detection

Having such a dog, opens many doors. These high drive working dogs are capable of working the road as a police dog or service dog and can also be utilized to patrol schools. Whether it be elementary schools, middle schools or high schools … having such a dog in this day and age could be a very valuable tool. With all of the school shootings going on across the country, these dogs can be another tool in our arsenal, to assist in keeping our children safe from those who wish to do harm. Along with a highly trained dog, a highly trained handler is required. Without someone to handle such a dog properly, the dog will be of no good use. This type of force has to be a team.

Over the past few months, guns have been in a debate in congress. Many people wanted to see our teachers armed to help protect our children. But that can be a huge liability! Any time there is a gun present, there is a possibility for someone to get hurt. Afterall … most police officers shot in the line of duty, are shot with their own guns. With a dog … there is no turning on the handler. This is a much safer way to have a tool at our schools, that can’t be used against us.

Having a working dog in our schools would be a great preventative measure, instead of a only having a defensive measure. With a trained working dog … you have the best of both worlds. Any school that have major security concerns, should consider having a trained handler, equipped with a trained dog. Not only would this deter drug use in our schools, but the dog can also be utilized in a security capacity. For more information, contact Dayton Dog Trainer to see what we can provide for your educational institution.

Dogs can be trained to not only sniff out illegal narcotics or drugs … but they can also be trained to sniff out guns and explosives. Having a trained working patrol dog will not fix all of our problems … but it can help prevent, defend and assist us, our children and our schools.