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 Handicap Assistance Dogs – PTSD Therapy Dogs – Depression Therapy Dogs – Dog for the Handicapped – Seeing Eye Dogs
Dogs for the Blind – Dogs for the Deaf – Assistance Dogs for the Visually Impaired


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Dayton Dog Trainer offers several Handicap Assistance Dogs for all needs and situations. We have trained dogs for several clients over the years … some with handicaps and disabilities. Some of those Handicap Assistance Dogs include …

Handicap Assistance Dogs


  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Veteran Assistance Dogs
  • Veteran Companion Dogs
  • Dogs for the Deaf
  • Paraplegic Assistance Dogs
  • Quadriplegic Assistance Dogs
  • Wheelchair Bound Assistance Dogs
  • Seizure Alert Dogs
  • Dogs for Stress / Anxiety Relief
  • Dogs for the Blind – Seeing Eye Dogs
  • Visually Impaired Assistance Dogs


If you are in need of a specialty trained dog or Handicap Assistance Dogs, contact Dayton Dog Trainer for more information. If you are interested in having your dog trained as an assistance dog, there is a 95% chance your dog will not make the cut for this type of training. We prefer to purchase the dog that is to be utilized for this type of training, as we know that any dog we obtain will be guaranteed to work. You do not want to take a chance in beginning any type of specialty type training with a dog that “might” be up for the job. Handicap Assistance Dogs are amongst the elite of working dogs and require good drive, balanced mental stability and the willingness to please. When we are choosing the perfect Handicap Assistance Dogs, we also want to be sure that the dog we choose is a perfect fit for our client.

Our Handicap Assistance Dogs come from proven breeders in the industry. Sometimes, we may import certain breeds, should we not be able to find the perfect dog locally … or if our breeders are unable to provide what we are looking for at the time.