Ten Hour Obedience


Covers Much of your On Leash Training Needs

Leash Work – Sit – Stay – Down – Walking on Leash


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Our ten hour training course covers on leash basic obedience. We are able to accomplish a lot of the basic leash issues you may be having. This 10 hour obedience course requires you to drive to our location, once a week. While with us, we will work on all leash commands and behaviors you are experiencing while out with your dog, on leash. For many, you will be able to cover just about everything you need in this time frame. Others may need longer to complete their dog’s leash behavior issues. We only offer this course during late spring, summer and early fall. Once we have mastered the leash work in private, we will continue our meetings at the local parks, stores, or in busy commercial areas. These areas will allow us to put your dog to the test and work around distractions. Keep in mind, we are only able to advance, at the speed in which your dog is able to learn. In many situations, we are able to customize this package to your needs, provided your dog meets the basic requirements.

Our 10 Hour Basic Dog Obedience Course covers most, if not everything below, provided there are no major issues in the training of your dog. Every dog is different and every dog trains at their own speed.


Basic On Leash Obedience – 10 Hour Classes

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come
  • Long Stay
  • Long Down
  • Walking On Leash



Common Public Behaviors

  • Jumping on People
  • Chasing Other Dogs
  • Pulling Due To Excitement
  • Barking At Others
  • Chasing Wildlife