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Now Taking Applications For: JULY  15th CLASS

Class # Description Course Dates Class Size / Openings Cost
BAS-15-03 Dog Training Business Package July 15th – October 15th 4/1 Call for Pricing
BAS-16-01 Dog Handler Course October 30th – January 30th 4/2 Call for Pricing
BAS-16-02 Dog Handler Course March 15th – June 15th 4/4 Call for Pricing


Have you always wanted to work in the dog training industry? Have you always been interested in becoming a dog trainer? Dayton Dog Trainer in Dayton, Ohio offers classes for those wanting to become a trainer. Because training canine’s is a physical activity, you will be required to pass an initial physical assessment, so that we can be confident that you possess the ability to keep up with the dogs as well as perform all verbal and physical commands.

Our classes are designed to be informative as well as fun! But, fun does not mean that the instruction being provided, is not serious in nature. Remember … you are paying us to make you a dog trainer and dog handler … but we are not miracle workers. If you are not totally committed, do not waste your time and money.

Just like any college or educational entity, you will not be refunded, should you not pass the course and meet our training standards. We are sure to provide you with the material and hands on experience to become a basic dog trainer, but the rest is up to you … so, be sure this is what you truly want, before you signup.

Depending on your availability, we offer a couple different options that will allow you to earn a basic obedience and basic handler certificate in as little as 3 month. For more information on what DDT can offer, please contact us at 937-314-1364.