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Aggression Issues

Dog Aggression Issues


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Dayton Dog Trainer specializes in aggressive dogs, aggressive dog rehabilitation and dogs with past bite history, food aggression, dog aggression … or for those who just have that fear of their dog biting.

DO NOT Get rid of your dog … Simply give us a call and we will evaluate your situation, then provide you with a real plan, so we can fix this issue(s). With this type of rehabilitation, you will be required to give it all you’ve got. We will show you why the issue is present, what it took to get your dog to that point and provide real aggression rehabilitation.Aggressive Dogs

Along with this type of service … you will need to know what to look for before a bite takes place and how to break up a dog fight without getting hurt. Why do you need to know this? Simple … Your dog did not get this way over night … so the aggression will not go away over night and you need to know how to deal with your dog until we are able to bring him/her out of it. I will also teach you to understand the dog and communicate with them … body language, posturing, eye direction, breathing, hair, tail, etc..

We make this promise to you!

If you are willing to believe that the dog can change, and provide me the opportunity to evaluate and implement our solution, you will be able to keep your dog. Remember … bad dogs aren’t born … it is a learned behavior. We simply reset the thought process and move on with a balanced life.

Many times with aggressive dogs … the first thought of the owner is that they have to put the dog down. Sometimes, your vet may recommend the same thing. This is entirely unfair! Your vet is not a trainer and you have not given your dog a real chance with a professional trainer. And yes … you can surely point out those “trainers” who don’t know what they are doing.

Give Dayton Dog Trainer a chance to work with your aggressive dog. This is what we do … this is what we specialize in. But we also understand that anyone can talk a good game over the phone or on their website. We like to show you in person that we can do what we are telling you throughout our website and that is the main purpose of our evaluation / demonstration.


Dog Aggression Issues

Can occur as a young pup or a full grown adult dog. Aggression is something that is learned. Dogs aren’t born aggressive. People sometimes make dogs aggressive … So it will be the people, along with pack introduction to bring this dogs mind, back to stability. I believe that 99% of all dogs can be saved from aggression. But there is that 1% chance that the dog is not reachable. Let us handle it … remember … we specialize in aggressive dogs.


There are a few different types of dog aggression.

  • People Aggression
  • Dog Aggression
  • Food Aggression
  • Toy Aggression
  • Territory Aggression

People Aggression is when the dog just doesn’t feel the right energy from people or moves forward in an attempt attack or bite people. There is a huge difference when the dog moves forward and bites and moves backward and bites. It would be fair to say, that a dog that goes toward the threat and bites … is most likely an aggressive dog or an unbalanced dog. A dog who backs up from you when you approach, and bites when you get too close … is a scared dog, and what we like to call “fear biters”.

Dog Aggression normally occurs when the dog goes forward to attack another dog. It could be for any reason … bad eye contact, bad energy, inbalance, weakness … etc.

Food Aggression occurs when someone or another dog gets too close to the dogs food, and an attack occurs … and it can also be that the dog will do anything, including attack, just to get to food. Sometimes … when you see a dog inhale his food … or scarf it down very quickly, the closer you get to it or the closer another dog gets to the food … this can be a sign of food aggression. Not always … but in many cases. If your dog does do that … it can be a few other things, so don’t think it is any type of aggression if they do. There needs to be a proper evalutation, by a professional dog trainer to be sure.

Toy Aggression commonly occurs in younger dogs and puppies. It can commonly be mistaken for dominance or play drive.

Territory Aggression commonly occurs with dogs that live alone with their handler and have no other dogs or people to interact with, when it does occur. Because they have been secluded from other dogs and the public … they sometimes tend to become anxious or nervous when someone or something comes upon their living domain.

Note: Keep in mind, that a trained professional, specializing in dog aggression or dog behavior modification, needs to be the one to evaluate each individual situation. The information presented here, is just an overall diagram of things that can occur and is information gathered from certain situations. The only way to find out what you have going on with your canine companion, is to have a professional perform a true and honest evaluation.

There is also dominance … and knowing the difference between dog aggression and dog dominance, is very important and can only be found from an evaluation of your dog, from a professional dog behaviorist.


How to fix an Aggressive Dog?

There is no single, clear cut way to fix an aggressive dog. Each dog is different and has different triggers, that set off the aggression. Many people think that putting the dog on its back is the right thing to do when the dog acts out. This is not always true. Actually, this can sometimes be dangerous or cause even more issues, if this technique is not performed correctly. We have even heard of  people hitting the dog when it lashes out and tries to bite. This is a big no, no! The last thing you want to do, is strike the dog when it is in this state of mind. If you strike the dog when it is lashing out, it can cause the dog to lash out even more, or it can produce the total opposite, which is fear. Aggression and Fear Aggression are two, totally different types of unwanted behavior. Either way, you don’t want either of those behaviors.

Striking a dog is a last resort and should only be deployed as a defensive measure to protect yourself or someone else from bodily harm. If you find yourself in a situation that has you striking a dog to protect yourself … then you should deploy just enough force, to safely allow yourself enough time to vacate the area. Remember … many times, you can simply persuade a dog’s bad intention, by simply standing your ground. This doesn’t always work … but many times it will. If this is your own dog and you are dealing with an issue like this, then you should have already contacted a professional to retain rehabilitation services or you should already be searching for other options for placing the dog in another living environment.

Every dog is different, therefore needs to be evaluated by a professional, to determine the best route for bringing the dog out of that state of mind. The best thing to do, is take note of the triggers … the things that set the dog off. Be sure to bring those up, when speaking with a professional. This will help the trainer, better understand what is going on with the aggressive dog and give them a better understanding of how to fix the aggression.