Advanced Dog Obedience Training

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Off Leash Dog Obedience Training – Item Retrieval – Paper Fetching – Beverage Fetching and More!

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Dayton Dog Trainer offers Advanced Dog Obedience Training, for those who wish to do something more than the norm. With our advanced dog obedience training, you choose what it is exactly, that you want your dog to be able to do. We offer something a little different, from the average advanced training skills, that we are able to implement with your dog.

While others see advanced dog obedience training as off leash basic obedience … we like to have a little more fun and make it worth while. Not only can we have your dog learn sit, stay, down, heal, and walking all off leash … but we can also implement thing such as fetching a pop from the refrigerator and shutting the door back. But why stop there? We will teach them to choose between different brands of pop or your favorite beverage, on command. We can teach them to bring the phone to you when it rings, retrieve the morning paper, shut doors, open doors, and anything else you can think of to assist you around the house.

Dogs are more capable than most people are aware of. We do not put limits on the capabilities of our 4 legged companions. Chances are … with the right training, we can train a dog to do most anything within reason.

If off leash obedience is all your wanting, we can provide this training if your dog has been through our basic dog obedience first. If your wanting to do the more advanced dog obedience training as listed above … then we can provide that as well … as long as your dog has been through our basic and advanced off leash training courses.

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