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There are several dog parks in the Dayton area. These dog parks are maintained by the city or county, in which they are located … but, it is up to us to do our part. Any time you visit your local dog park, be sure to take care of those dog parks, as you would your own property. If you see trash lying on the ground, please pick it up … if the community water bowl is empty, please fill it up for the dogs to drink … and so on!


Montgomery County Bark Park
6794 Webster Street
Dayton, OH 45414

The Montgomery County Bark Park is one of the nicer dog parks around. Located in Dayton, right at the border of Butler Township and the city of Vandalia, Ohio … this dog parks a great place to go on weekends. The Bark Park Dog Park is a heavily visited … more so than other dog parks, by dog owners throughout Dayton as well as by Dayton Dog Trainer. The only critique we would give on this dog park, is that they need to mow the grass or weeds more often and they should plant some tree’s for shade. There is absolutely no tree’s at this dog park, which makes for a very hot visit, during the summer months. The grass at this dog park … or what’s left of the grass, needs to be taken care of, a bit more. Sure, with dogs running through the dog park, it is kinda hard to grow any grass … but this dog parks grass is more crab grass and weeds, than actual nice grass and there is some weird rock thing going on, in the smaller fenced areas. All in all … it is a nice place to visit and we are grateful to have such nice dog parks in Dayton … but it could use a bit of maintenance and sprucing up … and definitely some trees!


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Deeds Point
510 Webster Street
Dayton, OH 45402

This dog park is considered a Dog Park, but in our opinion, isn’t really a dog park. This dog park is a beautiful place to visit with your dog, but your dog must remain on leash, for the entirety of your visit. The nice thing about this dog park is … with having the Great Miami River right there, you get that nice breeze coming off the river and there are plenty of trees around to grab a nice shady place to sit. This dog park is located near the downtown area of Dayton and right next to the huge spray fountain that Dayton installed, right at the fork of the river. Enjoy!!


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Oakwood Dog Park at Creager Field
Corner of Shafor Boulevard and Irving Avenue
Oakwood, OH 45409

We have visited this dog park a few times. It is a smaller dog park, located in Oakwood … so it is a nice place to visit, has ample parking and is very clean most of the time. It is a smaller dog park, compared to places like the Montgomery County Bark Park … but it is well maintained and a nice dog park to visit. Most of the time, you will see several people and dogs at this dog park. As with any dog park … be sure to clean up after yourself and your dog, especially in Oakwood. Another nice thing about this dog park, is that it has a separate area for the smaller dogs, so you don’t have to worry about Kujo, making your small dog, a Scooby snack. There is drinking water for both humans and dogs at this dog park, so you don’t have to bring water to the park. Have fun!


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Dog Park at Oak Grove Park
1790 E. Social Row Road
Centerville, OH 45458

This is a nice dog park, but we have not visited this dog park in awhile, so all we can say is that the last time we visited this dog park, it was a nice place to take your dog.


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Springboro Dog Park (Requires Membership)
75 W. Central Avenue
Springboro, OH 45066

We have never visited any dog parks in Springboro yet … but we will soon. We have heard this dog parks pretty nice from Dayton Dog Trainer clients. Checkout this dog parks location, atmosphere and amenities and let us know.


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Kyle Dog Park
500 S. First Street
Tipp City, OH 45371

We have never visited any dog parks in Tipp City. Checkout all dog parks in Tipp City and let us know what you think.


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Duke Dog Park in Paul G. Duke Park
1670 Troy-Sidney Road
Troy, OH 45373

This is another one of those dog parks we haven’t visited. Let us know about this dog parks location and atmosphere.


Dog Parks in Dayton OH


Wiggley Field Dog Park
1545 Pumphouse Road
Springfield, OH 45503


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Scout Burnell-Garbrecht Dog Park
210 Fairground Road
Xenia, OH 45385


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Waynesville Dog Park in Hisey Park
5443 Middletown Road
Corwin, OH 45068



Common Rules for most Public Dog Parks

  • All dogs must display a valid license.
  • Dogs must be current on their vaccinations.
  • Leash all dogs while entering and exiting.
  • Owners must be within eyesight and voice control, over their pets, at all times.
  • Puppies under 4 months are prohibited to protect their own health.
  • There is a maximum of 3 dogs per adult person.
  • All children must be monitored and accompanied by a guardian at all times.
  • Be prepared to leash your dog immediately if your pet becomes unruly, worrisome to others, aggressive to animals or humans, or displays mounting behavior.
  • Honor the request of others to leash your pet if asked.
  • Dogs in heat are not permitted
  • Aggressive and/or vicious dogs are not permitted.


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