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Thank you for visiting Dayton Dog Trainer. If you are viewing this page, you may be interested in our private dog services, private dog training or our high profile services, designed for those who have a need for confidential services. Some of our clients are celebrities, dignitaries and executives with a need for elevated privacy and confidentiality. Sometimes, it may be hard to find a dog training firm that can provide private dog training services or private dog assistant services, to you or your client, that allow for you or your client to remain anonymous, to the public. No matter your location, we can provide dog services for you. Some of our clients reside in Malibu California, Hollywood CA, Manhattan New York and some retain our services for over the road.

Because our high profile clients have a hectic schedule, we have to accommodate their traveling needs. Whether in Malibu CA, Hollywood California or Manhattan NY … our trainers are able to deliver the private dog services needed to allow your client a worry free experience with Dayton Dog Trainer. Some clients wish to take their dog on the road, but are unable to spend the time necessary to fulfill their dog owner obligations. This is no problem for us, as we understand which is why we do what we do. We can make your life a bit more simple by taking care of everything for you.

DDT is able to simplify your search. Our firm is able to provide private dog training services, private dog assistant services as well as dog handler services with one of our private dog trainers. We understand that privacy is important to you as well as convenience. Below, are some of the services we can offer you or your client.


Available Services

  • In-Home Dog Training
  • On-Location Dog Training Services
  • Handler Services
  • Extended Stay Handler Services
  • Dog Care Services
  • Extended Stay Dog Care Services
  • Travel Services

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Private Dog Training & Assistant Services


Private In-Home Dog Training – We are able to provide private dog training services for clients who wish to remain anonymous or for our high profile clients who are unable to safely attend dog training sessions in public or for those who may find it difficult to have any public involvement, due to their line of work or social status.

On-Location Dog Training Services – This service is designed for clients who are away from home, due to their job, or maybe their travel choices … and need to have a trainer present, while they are on the move, or may have even obtained a new puppy while away on business and would like to have their new four legged companion trained, to adapt to living quarters, or to make travel easier for everyone.

Handler Services – Should you or your client be attending a function or outing that requires their attention to be on other important areas … such as, book signings, autograph sessions, working or performing as well as many other situations, but you or your client wish to have your four legged companion on the road with you, then DDT has handlers that are able to travel with you or your client, to take care of your dog or puppy so that you don’t have to be away from your dog for a long period of time.

Extended Stay Handler Services – This is the same service as listed above, only we offer extended services for those traveling across the country or around the world. As with any of our handlers, we are able to provide professional handlers with a professional groomed look and all of our handlers or trainers are able to pass a criminal background check as well as a drug screen. Our Extended Stay Handlers are able to provide any length of service requested.

Dog Care Services – While you or your client are away on business or on the other hand, decide to take your dog with you … we are able to provide full dog care services. This would include anything from dog walks, feedings, setting and executing grooming appointments as well as all other care services needed to take care of your dog while you are busy. We take the task out of you or your clients hands and put it in ours, so that you have no worries of your dog going without the care it needs while you are away or are busy with life, business or jobs.

Extended Stay Dog Care Services – This is the same service as listed above, only extending the service for long periods of time. We are able to provide extended stay care to your dog(s) without setting an end of service date. We understand that plans can and will change over a period of time, therefore we are able to offer an open ended schedule, so that we are there for you and your dog, for as long as you need us.

Travel Services – A great service for those who need someone to travel with them, while taking care of your dog. How is this service differ from the above? DDT is able to not only travel with you, but we are able to make arraignments to pick-up your dog(s) while you are away on business and meet up with you at a location of your choice. This is perfect for those who are already on the road and wish to have someone bring your dog(s) to you. We are able to drive them to your location anywhere in the country, or make all arraignments to fly them to you, wherever you may be. We can also return your dog(s) to your home, when you wish to have them returned, safe and sound.

What we are trying to do, is make your life a little easier and a bit happier, on the occasions you have to leave home or leave home in a hurry. We understand that “Life Happens” and realize that there isn’t always time to put together all the travel arraignments for your dog(s). We also understand that people miss their pets and want to have a bit of home, on the road with them, but can’t always provide the attention that a dog has to have. Whatever your dog care needs are … Dayton Dog Trainer is able to make it happen! You don’t have to go without your dog while you are away working or on business. You don’t have to dedicate a lot of time, caring for your dog while you are busy with everything else. We take all the worry, time, aggravation and headaches out of having your dog(s) brought to you, cared for, pampered, relocated and taken care of while you do what you have to do.

All contacts, contact information, locations and anything else you deem to be of significant importance, is held with the utmost confidentiality and respect. At no time is your information released to anyone other than our professional dog care coordinator. If you wish to retain our services, please contact us for more information or to setup you dog care needs.

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