Pet Waste Removal



Dayton Dog Trainer offers pet waste removal service in Dayton, Ohio as well as all surrounding cities, including all of Montgomery County. Dayton Dog Trainer is able to set up a schedule to remove your dog’s waste from your yard on a weekly basis or a monthly basis, depending on how many dog’s you have as well as the size of your yard. Depending on your dog’s habit’s … we are not only able to remove the waste from your yard, but we can even remove the waste from your patio as well as scrub and disinfect the area with pet friendly cleaning agents, so that your patio is free of stains and odors.

All waste that is removed from your yard is bagged and added to your trash for disposal or can even be composted, should you decide to do so. It is important to keep your yard clean and free of dog waste. Doing so will not only keep your grass healthy and free from bare spots, but you can also eliminate the horrible odor that occurs … not to mention the damage that dog poop can do to your interior carets and rugs. By the time you figured out where the smell is coming from, you have already tracked poop throughout your home, through the living room, into your bedroom and our to the car. At that point, you have a mess on your hands, which will normally require you breaking out all the cleaning products, scrubbers and carpet cleaners … and when you are all done … it is time for a shower! See how this progressive chain of events can happen, by simply stepping in Fluffy’s doo doo.

All of this can be eliminated, buy simply contacting Dayton Dog Trainer for your pet waste removal services. This will not only be healthier for you and your family, but it will keep your neighbors happier, as they won’t have to live with that unfriendly odor.

Another good reason for having a consistent pet waste removal service, is to keep the fly’s from being overwhelming, while enjoying your backyard with visitors and guests. Especially if you like to have weekly Barbecues with friends and family, as we enjoy doing here at Dayton Dog Trainer.


If you are a property owner and are trying to get your property up to par, for your next new tenant to move into … give us a call. With Landlord Services, we offer a one time pet waste removal service to get your property up to par for your new renter … or you can choose to keep us aboard for your new clients, should they have dogs. With the one time landlord services, we offer a full yard detailing services, kinda the way they have for vehicles. Dayton Dog Trainer is able to go in an put the yard back together, as it was when the client first moved in. This would cover making repairs to decks, scrubbing pet waste stains and disinfecting the deck as well as tightening up the fencing that their dog caused damage too. We are able to clean doors and glass, or even replace doors, should this be damaged caused by the dogs.

Basically, anything that the dog has destroyed or messed up … Dayton Dog Trainer can make them new again. We can put things right back to the way they were before they moved in with dogs.

Not only is this a service that we provide to the landlord, but we also provide this same service to the tenant that is moving out and don’t want to be charged with all the damages or have to fight in court over the “he said , she said” argument.

Dayton Dog Trainer documents all services provided and takes pictures of the before and after work, for your and our records, should you ever need to prove your case, no matter which side you are on.