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Weight Management – Health Management – Handler Training – Healing & Recovery Services – Food Delivery – Dog House Delivery & Setup
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Are you in need of assistance around your home with caring for your dog or creating a more comfortable environment for your four legged companion? Contact Dayton Dog Trainer to inquire about our in-home dog services. We not only offer in-home dog training, but we also offer several other services to make your life a little easier. We understand that dog owners are only dog owners, and not dog experts. Sometimes, you may find yourself needing help with your dog or puppy. Many people will find that owning a dog or puppy, can be much more tedious and sometimes different, than what they figured it would be. With this in mind, we are proud to offer the services that we do!


In-Home Dog Services

In-Home Dog Training – We come to you and train your dog. Not only do we train the dog, we train you, the handler. This service can be performed with any number of dogs in your home.


Aggression Rehabilitation – Dog aggression rehabilitation is a process. There is no set time on how long it will take to fix or rehabilitate your dog. This can be performed in your home and can take a bit of time. Every dog is different, so the results for each dog are different.


Behavior Modification – If you have certain unwanted behaviors going on, we can help you fix them. It is not always a necessity to go through a complete obedience course. We do very well at fixing issues that may occur in your home.


Weight Control – If you have a dog that has a weight issue, we can help you get things under control. If your dog is overweight, we are able to setup a plan to bring your dog’s weight down to a healthy level. If you have a dog that is underweight, we are able to do the same and can offer several different solutions to your dog’s weight control issue as well as educate the owner on how to maintain a healthy weight in their dog. A healthy dog, lives longer!


Health Management – DDT can educate you on health management. Dog’s can sometimes have the same health issues that humans do, as well as a few things us humans don’t have. Education is key to sustaining a healthy life for your dog. Our professional team are able to come into your home and educate you on a more healthier way of living for your dog or puppy.


Handler Training – Handler training is just as important as dog training. If your dog is trained, but you are not … then it is kinda like being handed the keys to a manual shift vehicle, with no knowledge of how to drive a manual shift vehicle. We won’t ever train your dog, without training you, the handler.


Healing & Recovery Services – With this service, we are able to make periodic visits to your home to assist with a sick dog or dogs that may have been injured. Sometimes, nursing a dog back to health can be very tedious and nerve racking. We are here to assist you with getting your dog back to 100%. This includes anything from re-taping cropped ears to changing bandages, splints and more!


Food Delivery – This service is awesome for those who don’t want to have to worry about keeping their dog’s food supply in stock. We offer a few different brands of premium dog food. Some of the food we offer, is not able to be found in large chain stores. If you choose to go with the food we offer, we can also deliver your dog’s food. We also offer free dog food delivery in Dayton, Ohio when your dog food is purchased in bulk.

  • Dog food delivery in Dayton, Ohio is also a great service for seniors. Bags of dog food can weigh up to 60 pounds, depending on which brand you purchase. This can make things a bit easier for those who have a bit of trouble lifting heavy bags of dog food. Simply contact us for more information. We will meet with you, discuss your needs and take care of the rest!


Dog House Delivery & Setup – Is there a dog house your wanting, that your not able to get to your home … or once you get it there, are not able to setup? Give DDT a call. We are able to not only deliver your dog’s new house, but we can also set it up for you or put it together. If you are interested in having a custom dog house built … we also offer those services as well.


Dog Run Installation – If you are interested in having a dog run setup in your yard … we are able to have a dog run properly installed. We offer any size, with any dimension and any height of border.


Hidden Fence Installation and Training – The hidden fence is becoming more and more popular. But having an underground fence installed is only half the responsibility. Having your dog trained to understand the operation and purpose of the fence is crucial for having your money work for you!

  • DDT will make a visit to your home, to meet with you about your needs. If you decide to move forward with an invisible fence, we will then take measurements to determine just how much fencing we will need as well as obtaining a layout of your property, in which the invisible fence will be installed. Once we have obtained all information need for the proper installation of your invisible fence, we will then quote a price for a complete invisible fence installation and training program to familiarize you and your dog with the functionality, limits and proper use of your new invisible fence.


If you don’t see a service listed that your needing … give us a call! When it comes to dogs, we have you covered. We are able to assist you with anything, to do with your dog. If you find that owning a dog is becoming more than you can handle … give us a call. We can make things a lot easier for you as well as more enjoyable. Owning a dog is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Many people find that dogs are therapeutic to their well-being. Don’t allow your dog to become a hassle. We can show you a different way that isn’t hard to sustain in your home.

Dayton Dog Trainer offers dog training for anyone from movie stars to our neighbors and for any size budget. We will travel anywhere in the world to provide dog training services to the stars as well as “Joe the plumber”. All of our clients information is held confidential and is not released, marketed, traded or displayed to anyone, at any time.