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Affordable Dog Boarding and Kenneling in Dayton Ohio

Are you going on vacation and need a warm, safe place that offers dog boarding or dog kenneling in Dayton, Ohio or surrounding areas? No need to worry … because Dayton Dog Trainer now offers a full dog boarding referral service. Our dog boarding and dog kenneling contacts are sure to have a safe, clean place for your dog to stay, while you enjoy yourself on vacation or deal with those unpredictable family troubles. Some of our Dog Kennels are even dog resorts.

Your dog can not only have a clean place to sleep … but they also get to run in safe, fenced in areas, play with other dogs and have the time and attention they deserve with a professional dog handler. All dogs are fed up to 3 times a day and are free to stay inside or outside whenever they choose, depending on the dog boarding company you choose. Most have instant access, straight from their individual kennel. Depending on the dog boarding location you choose … some kennels are temperature controlled.

Dayton Dog Trainer will only refer you to dog boarding companies that have passed our approval process. We make periodic visits to our dog boarding partners to inspect the current conditions of their kenneling facilities. Not only do we checkout the conditions of the facility, but we also check for new dog boarding deals and ways to save money for those needing to kennel their dog for a long period of time. We would never send your dog to a dog boarding facility, that we wouldn’t send our own dog to. If we wouldn’t kennel our dog’s there, we wouldn’t expect you to kennel your dog there either!

If your in need of a dog boarding firm … make a single call to Dayton Dog Trainer and we will handle the rest for you, with zero referral fee’s. Our referral service is absolutely free and in many cases, can save you money, rather than you calling direct to setup the services on your own … because we do a lot of repeat business with our boarding partners.


Features offered from Individual KennelsDog Boarding

  • Temperature / Climate Controlled Dog Kennels with back-up generators.
  • All Breeds and All Sizes Welcome.
  • Common Area for Dogs to Play together.
  • Dogs always have fresh water changed frequently.
  • Automated Watering System.
  • Purified watering system.
  • Resort Like Stay.
  • Dog Walking.
  • All Dog Boarders Secure Dog Vaccination Records before entrance.
  • Clean, Warm and Safe.
  • Plenty of Toys to play with.
  • 24 Hour Security Surveillance, monitored by a professional.
  • 24- hour web cam access for client viewing.
  • Instant Access to the Outdoors.
  • Long and Short Stays are Welcome.
  • Initial check-in … flea bath if necessary.
  • Bath and brush before vacating your dog’s stay with us.
  • Dogs are brushed daily.
  • Dogs always under staff supervision.
  • Medications administered by qualified personnel.
  • Guests maintain home feeding schedule whenever possible.
  • Large, Comfy off ground beds.
  • Large comfortable individual suites.
  • Joint accommodations are available for multiple dogs from same home or best buddies.
  • Pre check-out grooming available.
  • Fresh home-made tasty and nutritious organic treats provided.
  • Soothing, relaxing music.
  • Large individual outdoor play runs with shade.
  • Indoor play areas
  • Wading pools.
  • Full view safety glass doors on suites.
  • Two daily walks.
  • Multiple daily play times.
  • Indoors thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with safe, effective organic solutions.
  • Outdoors well maintained and pest controlled.
  • Senior and special needs guests ALWAYS accommodated.
  • All guests treated kindly, respectfully, and with love.
  • Early check-in available.
  • Veterinarian close by in case of emergencies.
  • Low noise, low stress atmosphere.
  • Qualified staff with many years of animal care experience.
  • Easy to find Locations.
  • Daily massages, ear scratches, and tummy rubs. Guests only!

Some of our Dog Boarding locations have 24 hour security surveillance, so that your dog can be monitored around the clock. During the time your dog enters into the boarding areas, there will be a professional with your dog, to make sure everything is going good during the transition period. Most places have a 12 to 24 hour “cool down” period, so that your dog can get used to the new sounds, sights and smells of their new surroundings. You, as the owner, have the choice to call the dog boarding facilities, to check on your dog or puppy.


Note: All of the options listed above are available at participating locations. Dayton Dog Trainer does not conduct extensive inspections of all dog boarding facilities and we always recommend that you, as the client, checkout the facility on your own. Dayton Dog Trainer is not held liable for anything outside of our direct services. All Dog Boarding companies are of their own entity and are not affiliated in any way with Dayton Dog Trainer.