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Professional Caring Trainers

Professional Caring Staff

Professional Caring Staff

Dayton Dog Trainer provides Professional Caring Staff that will work with you and your dog to provide the best result. Our trainers truly care about our clients obtaining the result they are looking for. We will take the time to instruct our clients on proper dog handling. Dayton Dog Trainer does not offer the typical “walk in circles, throw treats” type training. Instead, we provide real training for the real world. Our trainers will teach our clients about how to properly command and correct their dog(s), when in an environment, inside and outside the home. We take the time to take your dog into public, so that we can work and train in a real world environment. We use those locations for the distractions they offer.

Most dog owners will take their dog with them when they go outside the home, from time to time. It is important that your dog respond and react to given commands, in those environments. Our professional caring staff will also train with you, one on one, in those environments, when the time is right.


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Training Environments

  • Pet Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • In Town, in the Public
  • Sporting Events
  • Dog Parks
  • In Your Home
  • And many other public environments and events.


It is important that our staff work with your dog in these different locations. These locations allow us an opportunity to obtain the right result. Our professional caring staff takes great care in transporting your dog from location to location as well as proper care in handling your dog. We always take water and sometimes food with us when we travel. Our professional caring staff monitors your dog 100% of the time, while working with them. Our staff wants to make sure your dog is comfortable, not overly stressed and is in a constant state of well being. We assure that your dog stays hydrated during their stay with us. Our professional caring staff will also provide breaks for your dog. We provide time for breaks, hydrating, relaxing and cooling down.