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Real World Board and Train

Our Board and Train dog obedience is the very best dog obedience program that Dayton Dog Trainer offers. Although our hourly training packages do provide results with your dog … they take a lot longer to provide that result. Our hourly training involves you visiting your trainer at their location, once a week. Each time you visit, the training will become a bit more intense and a bit more in-depth. Commonly, you will train with other people and other dogs, so that we can teach you and your dog to work through life’s distractions. For some, this training can not only take awhile, but it is also hard for many to adjust their schedule around so many visits.

Our Board and Train not only provides around 3 times the amount of training, but your dog is trained in about 14 days, on average. For those reasons, the Board and Train is our most popular training package. It is way more consistent and provides much more training and time with your dog. When you search dog trainers near me, you will find Dayton Dog Trainer!



Don’t Waste Your Money!

With most other dog trainers, you will need to load your dog into the car, fight traffic as you drive across town, trying not to be late for your appointment. Once you arrive, you will walk into a store or warehouse where 9 other dogs and people will be waiting. Once every one is there, you will begin the typical practice of walking in a circle, while your dog tries to play with all the other dogs. Once you get going, the treat come out. Now you get to walk in circles and throw treats at the dog.

Once training is over, its time to fight traffic as you make your way home. Once you arrive, your dog goes right back to the what they were for 6 days and 23 hours until the next session.

This doesn’t make any sense! That type of “training” is not meant for the real world. If you could have your dog around several other dogs and humans without having any issues, you wouldn’t need training. You also don’t earn any real respect from your dog as a potential pack leader … you simply become a source for treats.

Also, your dog doesn’t live in the back of a store or warehouse … they live in a home. How can you train for real world events, such as guests stopping by, staying off furniture, bolting out the door or any other situation that we deal with, as a dog owner?


How does the Board and Train work?

When you sign up for our Board and Train Dog Training program, you will drop your dog off to your trainer’s home, on a Sunday evening between 6pm and 8pm. When your dog arrives, they will go directly into a “cool down period”. This means they will go straight into a crate and they will stay there for the night to allow them to adjust to the new sites, sounds, smells and people. The reason we have you drop off in the evening hours, is so your dog is able to adjust to the new environment, by simply sleeping through the night, rather than sitting in a crate all day and all night. They will have potty breaks during this time.

The next morning, their day will begin at 4:30am, as they will go directly outside for a potty break. Your dog will eat at 5am and again at 5pm, with treats in between that time period.

During the day, we will work with them one on one, on average of 3 to 4 times. In between those training sessions, they get to be a normal dog. If they choose to lay around the house or play with toys or other dogs, that will be their choice. As long as every plays nicely, they will have interactions with other dogs.

The most common question asked by potential clients is … “how many dogs do you work with at a time?”. Your trainer will commonly have an average of 3 dogs total, depending on size and what they are here for. We understand that our clients are paying good money to have their dog trained, so we want to only have enough dogs here that will allow us to provide the time you are paying for.

When we get to the end of your dog’s stay and we feel the dog needs a couple extra days to complete the training, with your permission, we will keep the dog for those couple days at no extra charge. e are not going to nickel and dime our clients, over a couple days. If we feel the dog needs an extension of 1 week, then we will tell you what we have done, how your dog has done and why we believe the dog needs an extension. You are under no obligation to extend your dog’s stay with us, as there will be an extension fee for that extra time.



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Why the Board and Train?

The Board and Train allows us to work with your dog in real time. Meaning, we can work with them as life happens. Rather than leaving your dog in a kennel all day and only bringing them out to a “fake, setup scenario”, we can work with them in real time. We use real life to train your dog, such as, the pizza guy coming to the door, the mailman stopping by, the kids running in and out, guest coming over and so much more. At times, we even take your dog to our kids ball games, to the store or in town to work in those environments. We try to put your dog through the same situations as we think you will. By doing it this way, we get a much more honest result. Unlike those training places that walk in circles and throw treats at the dog … Dayton Dog Trainer trains your dog for the real world.


Handler Training

As with any dog training service we offer, Handler Training is included. When the day comes to pickup your dog, you will begin handler training. You will need to plan to stay about and hour or so at pickup, so that we can show you how to properly handle your dog. his is where your trainer will teach you how to properly command and correct your dog, how to read and interpret your dog’s body language and projected energy as well as how to be proactive, instead of reactive. Handler Training is crucial for receiving an optimal result. Handler Training is about 40% of the final result. When you come to pickup, your dog still may be rough around the edges or they may be performing perfectly. Either way, whatever the situation is at pickup … this is nowhere near the final result.

Some dogs are so excited to see their owner at pickup, that they tend to be a bit goofy for about the first 20 minutes, until they settle down. Many times, your trainer will demonstrate what your dog has learned while with us, so that you can see your dog does know what they should be doing. We do this, because your dog may not work as well as they should on pickup day, simply because they are too excited to concentrate.

Do not expect your dog to perform as well for you, as they do for the trainer. You still have not proven yourself as the pack leader, which is why it is super important to attend the handler training. Dogs don’t just follow your commands because you are human. You have to prove to them that you are a good pack leader. Handler Training will provide the opportunity to make you that good pack leader … intern, earning the respect of your dog and being able to easily handle them.


What to Expect when Returning Home

It is not uncommon for your dog to attempt to take advantage of you, simply because they are used to getting over on you. Home is also your dog’s comfort zone. If you do as we have taught during handler training, your dog will quickly fall back in line. You will have 3 more handler sessions when you come back to us. Each time you come back, training will become more in-depth and a bit more intense. By the end of this short process, you should have the dog you are wanting! Without doing your part, you will never receive the result you are seeking. If you find that you need more than 4 handler sessions … we want you to return for more. We want your investment to pay off … as it should!



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Benefits of a Board and Train

When we are able to work with your dog on a daily basis, we are able to work on things such as house manners, leash work, separation anxiety, aggression issues, behavior issues as well as rehabilitation, in real time, in a natural home environment.


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  • Leash Work
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Down
    • Walking on Leash
  • House Manners
    • Staying Off The Furniture
    • Excessive Barking
    • Staying Out Of The Trash
    • Bombarding Guests At The Door
    • Window Barking
    • Bolting Out Of The Door
    • Potty Training
    • Begging For Food
    • Chewing
    • Digging
    • Jumping
    • And More!
  • Rehabilitation
    • People Aggression
    • Dog Aggression
    • Food Aggression
    • Possession Aggression
    • Resource Guarding
    • Jealousy Issues
    • Anxiety
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Fear
    • Random or Submissive Urination
    • And More



Additional Information

Should you have any questions about our Board and Train services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 937-314-1364 from 8am to 9pm, 7 Days a week.

The cool thing about our board and train is … instead of dropping your dog off to a store or warehouse where they will sit in a kennel until it is time to train, we actually bring them into our home. Your dog doesn’t live in a store or warehouse, it lives in a home, so it only makes sense to have your dog in a practical living environment where they will get to be a normal dog, but live under properly structured conditions. Whoever performs your evaluation, will determine where your dog goes. You will stay with the same trainer while enrolled in our board and train program. At no time, will your dog be passed around to another trainer for training. Your dog will stay with the trainer and train with him / her. We also take your dog for walks in the villages and towns surrounding our homes, so that we are able to utilize the distractions and people they offer to assure your dog will be completely obedient in those environments.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If our dog trains in your home … how is my dog going to learn what to do at my home?

A. When we train your dog … we train him or her to follow the rules of the human, not the location. Once your dog returns home … they may try returning to their old ways, because it is what they are used to doing, with you. They will sometimes think that all the rules are gone and things are back to the same old way. But … This time, you will be armed with the knowledge and training you need, as a handler, to reinforce the training we have conducted. Handler Training is imperative for obtaining the result you desire.


Q. If you train my dog … won’t he or she listen to you and not us?

A. This is a very good question. The goal for training your dog is for your dog to listen and obey you. As long as you are properly commanding and correcting your dog, as instructed, your dog will follow your lead. When you come to retrieve your dog … we will spend time with you teaching you how to properly command and correction. We will provide you with handler training. Keep in mind, the handler training is crucial for receiving an optimal result from our services. Most owners are so used to yelling at their dog, repeating commands and various other wrong tactics that fail to work. Dayton Dog Trainer will start you down the right path and assist you in ridding yourself of those failed tactics.


Q. How long on average, does our dog stay with the trainer, during a Board and Train?

A. Depending on your dog’s needs … you can expect your dog to stay with us anywhere from a week to a month … Commonly, 2 weeks is the exact time it takes to conduct a normal Board and Train service for those coming to us for Basic Obedience. Those with deep seeded issues may need to stay longer. A dog coming to us for Aggression Rehabilitation can come to us for an average of 2 weeks, up to 3 months, depending on how bad the aggression issues are.


Q. Can I visit or see my dog while he or she is with you?

A. While your dog is with us, we prefer that you don’t visit … but, we will never tell you that you can’t visit … it is your dog. Keep in mind … visiting will normally set your dog back a few days, which is why we recommend against visitation. Once we have your dog in a training mindset, we want to keep them there.


Q. What if I do send my dog through your Board and Train course and things don’t change?

A. If your dog is not where they should be at the end of training … we will contact you and ask if we can continue the training. We will provide up to 2 extra days at no cost to you. Should your dog require more than the 2 extra days, we will make contact with you again and provide an opportunity to add on another week of training. If your dog returns home and things go back to the way they were … we will not leave you hanging .. but only after we have cleared your dog for returning home and we are confident that they have successfully completed the service. If you dog begins to backslide, we will figure out why this is happening and provide answers for you. If it is something on our part, we will continue to work with your dog until they are fixed. Sometimes when we advise on the amount of training during the evaluation, we do not always get it right, as we are only able to gain an educated idea of what it’s going to take to fix the issues, during that evaluation. Once we have had an opportunity to live with your dog, we sometimes find that there are more issues than originally diagnosed … or that the issues are deeper than we thought. They are dogs … things do change rapidly with these guys.


Q. How many dogs do you train at one time?

A. Our trainers normally try to stay around 3, maybe 4 dogs at a time, depending on size and what they are here for. Limiting the number of dogs that our trainers take in for the board and train at one time, allows us to concentrate on your dog and provide more attention to your dog. When your paying good money for training … we want to provide great training for you and your dog.


Q. What do I need to bring, when I drop my dog off for training?

A. We ask that your bring your dog’s crate, a bed or large blanket and your dogs food. We also require that your dog is clean … free of fleas and/or bedbugs and that they have had all of their vaccinations as well as the Bordetella vaccination, for kennel cough. Once your dog arrives, they will be inspected, before they enter into the board and train program. If anything should be found, we will ask that you make a visit to your groomer or vet, to take care of any issues, and return at a later date.