Maverick is a highly trained German Shepherd, that stayed with us for about a month and a half.

Dayton Dog Trainer has many guests / dogs, that come for our board and train, basic and advanced, dog obedience

training. Because our guests stay in our trainer’s home, rather a concrete kennel … our children tend to become attached to the dogs that stay with us, during their training. So of course we have to take pictures!

Why does your dog stay in our home? Because the only way for them to be trained in house manners, is to live in a

house, while they are being trained. This allows us to see everything they are doing while in your home. We get to see everything from bombarding guests at the door to getting on furniture, getting in the trash or even things such as stealing socks or counter surfing as well as many other goofy things dogs do. How can you fix things such as the behaviors mentioned, if they are staying in a concrete box / kennel? How can these behaviors be eliminated if we are visiting an hour a week for training. The weekly visit type training, is perfect for basic leash obedience, which is why we offer it … but when it comes to house manners and guest situations … the board and train is the way to go!

Below, is some of our guests. we were happy to have the opportunity to spend time with them!



Kane the Great Dane

Kane is a young Great Dane puppy that came to us for basic obedience, including house manners training …
“Those ears crack me up!”

Any time a new dog arrives, they have to go through a process called a cool down period. This consists of the dog staying in his or her crate for a certain period of time, other than coming out for bathroom breaks and feedings. This is important, so as not to cause more anxiety, than what the dog is currently going through at the time of the drop off. You have to realize that your dog just went on a car ride … then your now dropping him or her off and they no longer have you with them to assure them that all will be okay … as well as being in a new place. So, it is super important that the dog cools down and relaxes for a bit, so that they can get used to the new sights, sounds and smells, which will allow them to ease back into everyday living, so that we can start the training a couple days later.


Kane came to stay with us for about 10 days. He is a very young great dane puppy that was trained for on leash basic obedience as well as house manners. After 10 days, Kane had all the commands imprinted … but we recommended to the owners of Kane, that we allow him to age a few months, then continue the training for a few more days if they so choose. This would be at no extra cost to them, as we want to make sure that our clients are getting what they pay for.






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The Following Are Our Clients from July 2014 –  Until Now

Kane Maverick Molly
Kane Maverick Molly


Jasmine Luke  Niro
Jasmine Luke Narco


Vlad  Vischa BomBon
Vlad Vischa BomBon


Rosie Zeus Duke
Rosie Zeus Duke


Sadie Coco Akali
Sadie Coco Akali


Zeek Ella Lola
Zeek Ella Lola


Izzy Samson & Max Buster
Izzy Samson & Max Buster


Gunner Sadie Blue
Gunner Shepherd Mix


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Other Clients – No Picture Available

Name Breed Age
 Lilly  Maltese 2 Years
Remy Beagle / Border Collie Mix 8 Months
Riggins Labrador Mix 2 Years
Misty White German Shepherd 4 Years
Stella German Shepherd / Husky Mix 5 Years
Eleanor Border Collie 10 Months
Zapada German Shepherd Mix 2 Years
Louie Chihuahua / Dachshund Mix 9 Months
Ghost Labrador Retriever 11 Months
Miss Celie French Bulldog 3 Years
Champ Foxhound Mix 4 Years
Cooper Labrador Retriever 1 Year
Nori Cane Corso 7 Months
Lucy Unknown Mix 7 Months
Corky Cavachon 1 Years
Rudy Pitbull Mix 10 Months
Stokely Border Terrier 8 Months
Walker German Shepherd 2 Years
Bandit German Shepherd 10 Weeks
Rocky Boxer 3 Years
Three Labrador Retriever 2 Years
Spirit Golden Retriever 13 Months
Lucky Husky Mix 2 Years
Kiley Husky 1 Year
Izzy French Bulldog 1 Year
Max Terrier 2 Months
Tucker Golden Retriever 7 Months
Pistol Rottweiler 2 Years



We have had many guests throughout the years. All breeds, sizes, ages and issues. We have dogs come for obedience, advanced obedience, aggression rehabilitation, dominance issues to fear issues, anxiety, separation anxiety as well as specialty services training.

Although most dogs only stay for a week or 2, we have had dogs stay with us for a month or two. Commonly, the dogs that are here for an extended stay, have deep balance issues that take awhile to balance the dog back out. When we say balance issues … we don’t mean the type of balance while on their feet … we mean mental balance … mental stability.

We also have the dogs that stay with us for service training. Training a dog to perform a service can take an average of 3 months to a year, depending on how extensive the training is. Although we do perform a ton of obedience training every year, we do get our fair share of service dogs to train. The dogs shown on this page are from June 2014, until now.

Cool-Down-Period Molly Rhodesian Ridgeback