Frequently Asked Questions



Welcome to Dayton Dog Trainer … The home for In-Home Dog Training in Dayton, Ohio. Below … are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions, we have been tasked with answering, over the years.


Question – How much does dog training cost?

AnswerEvery dog is different and has different needs. Each dogs adaptability to training is also different, therefore we do not want to give you a price, when we don’t even know what your dog needs yet. If we did so, we could over price you, and it is possible, that your dog doesn’t even need a certain type or amount of training. So before we ever give a price, we must perform an evaluation so that we price your training for what you need, rather than what we think you may need We are unable to evaluate over the phone.


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Question – How long does it take to train my dog to be obedient?

AnswerAgain, Every dog is different and requires different types of training and different length’s of training. The evaluation is going to tell us everything we need to know to be able to provide you with an accurate length of training need.


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Question – Where do we train?

AnswerThe issue(s) with your dog(s) do not exist in some guys training facility across town … the issue(s) with your dog(s) lie within the home, so it is important that we train in the home. Because we cover real world issues, rather than just sit, stay, down and walking on the leash … we need to be able to train in the home so we can fix issues such as bombarding guests at the door, getting on furniture, bolting out the door, counter surfing, stealing food, excessive barking, etc..


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Question – My dog is 8 years old … can he/she still be trained?

Answer – Absolutely … The old adage that “a dog is to old to learn new tricks”, is simply a phrase … nothing more. A dog is never to old to learn. Depending on the age of your dog, it is not the ability to learn that should be of concern, but the health of the dog is more important to consider, when thinking about retaining dog training services. Sometimes, if the dog is too old, it may be to stressful or too physically demanding. We will be able to evaluate your situation and advise whether or not it would be in your best interest to pursue dog training services.


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Question – How often do we train, once we have retained dog training services?

Answer – Depending on which dog obedience service you sign up for, will determine how often we train. If you signup for our board and train obedience training, then we won’t need to setup a training schedule, but if you signup for hourly, in-home dog training then training takes place once a week. This will allow you the time you will need to practice the instruction we taught during our training session. It is imperative that you practice everything we have instructed during your training session. Many people think that having a trainer out for a few hours is going to make their dog obedient. If you do not practice the training techniques provided to you during the training sessions, then you are wasting your time and money. The goal is for the dog to listen to you, not us!


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Question – Do you use Electric Shock Collars?

AnswerNO … Dayton Dog Trainer does no utilize the E-Collar or Electric Collar in our obedience training. 99.9% of people who do use the E-Collar, use them wrong. Without having any professional training or instruction with the E-Collar, we recommend that you do not use an Electric Collar. Without having the proper training, you can do alot of damage with your dog and create a number of issues, such as fear, fear aggression, anxiety, etc..


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Question – Do you use the “Prong Collar”?

AnswerDayton Dog Trainer always has a German Pinch Collar on hand … but 99% of dogs, will never need to be trained with a pinch collar. In many cases, we have heard of and seen dog trainers start out with a pinch collar, without ever evaluating your dog to see if it needs to have that type or amount of stimulation. Like we said, 99% of dogs do not need a pinch collar. DDT does not consider these people to be experienced dog trainers. More times than not, your dog does not need that much stimulation to correct a behavior. It is the knowledge of the dog trainer and the tactics he/she uses, that will assist in fixing your dog or training your dog to be obedient … not a collar. The goal is to move to a regular flat collar. The goal is to not have to correct the dog, but to verbally correct and instruct. When you are able to instruct and correct with verbal commands only … then your dog is trained!


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Question – I work during the day, so how late can Dayton Dog Trainer come to my home?

AnswerDDT understands that people have a life. We understand that most people work during the day, so that is why DDT is available to come to your home for training up until 8pm, 7 days a week. We will always try to work around your schedule.

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Question – Will Dayton Dog Trainer take care of my Baby during training?

Answer – No … We do not train baby’s, we train dogs and we will treat your dog as if it is a dog, because it is! This means that your dog will be in excellent hands. They will get daily exercise, their feedings and a balanced amount of obedience, discipline and affection. At no time are we mean to your dog, but on the other hand, we do not pamper anyone’s dog. They are here for training, rehabilitation or behavior correction, so this is what we will be doing.


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Question – What about me … do I get any training?

Answer – Absolutely … Anyone who signs up for dog training services, has to go through a short handlers course. It is important that you, as the owner and handler be trained so as to keep the conditioning of your dog consistent. Without any handler training, you will not be able to properly command or correct your dog when the time comes.