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Many people ask Jason how he got into dog training. I have heard him tell the story many times and each time I do, I have to laugh.


The Story …

While employed with a local police department and on a high risk traffic stop, providing mutual aid for a neighboring department (backing them up) … Jason was concentrating on the subjects in the vehicle he and another officer had stopped and at gun point … at which time, Jason felt something brush up against his leg. Jason was unaware of what it was, due to the fact he was concentrating on the situation at hand … but he said that whatever it was, felt furry to the touch on his leg and thought to himself in that split second that whatever it was,  shouldn’t be there at that exact moment … which kinda freaked him out. As he turned around to see what it was … at the same time a bit nervous … he was relieved to see that the furry “thing” brushing against his leg was a dog, with a reflective harness wrapped around him, showing the words “Police K-9”.

After laughing it off and getting back to business … he was able to see the handler and dog in action. This impressed Jason so much, that at that point, he decided that K9 was the direction he wanted to go.

Jason, at that point had been working with dogs for a few years, doing just the basics, such as obedience and advanced obedience. Luckily, after the traffic stop was safely completed, he had an opportunity to speak with the police K9 handler. The handler offered Jason an opportunity to train with him and learn how the whole police K9 thing actually worked.

Lucky again … Jason had met a great handler and now, mentor who would take him under his wing and teach him the in’s and out’s of real dog training and handling. After a couple years of learning and training, Jason went to his superiors and requested permission to submit a proposal for a new K9 unit for his department, in which Jason would write the proposal for the city council for approval, as well as raise the money through donations and his own personal funds, to obtain a new dog, including all the training to become state certified, in the state of Ohio.

After submitting his proposal to council, he had been approved. So, there it began. After working in law enforcement a few more years, he decided to give it up and work solely with the dogs, as he found that the dogs allowed him a better opportunity to support his family. Jason didn’t want to leave law enforcement, and thought that it was pretty sad that an officer couldn’t make the monthly income needed to comfortably support his large family, but Jason has no regrets and to this day, he loves working with the dogs and his friends and colleagues in law enforcement.

Over the years, with his experience and the opportunities to train with some of the best trainers and handlers in the industry … Jason has honed and sharpened his skills to come up with the Dayton Dog Trainer way of training. After training with some great trainers and handlers locally and across the country, as well as from around the world … he has taken the parts of the training that is proven to work and provide results, and got rid of some of the practices that he thought didn’t work or were at times, a bit extreme and pointless. Through his training and his own experiences, Jason has not only taken what he has learned and implemented it into his training curriculum, but he has also created his very own tactics and training methods, that are proven to work on a daily basis.

Jason has been learning, training and handling for 17 years, as of 2016. Over the years, there have been several people come to work for Dayton Dog Trainer, but only a few were offered an opportunity to stay with us.

There is only one Dayton Dog Trainer … and we hope to work with you and your dog, soon!


A statement from owner Jason T. Jones

Thank you very much for stopping by the Dayton Dog Trainer website, as well, your interest in our dog training services. I understand that there are a million dog trainers out there and a few trainers which are local … but as we repeatedly state throughout our website … “Anyone can talk a good game over the phone … we like to show you in person that our training does work, before you sign up for dog training services” … So, we would love an opportunity to show you that our training does provide real results. During our evaluation and demonstration with your dog, you will also see that we are professional, experienced and skilled in the dog training services we offer.

There are a couple new trainers in the Dayton area who were recently employed by DDT, and are now trying to duplicate us … but, with a couple phone calls, you will definitely be able to know the difference!

I encourage you to call others before you call us. Have them come out and perform their evaluation and demonstration … then give us a call and we will show you the difference.

I am by no means, saying we are the best in the world. Each trainer has their own way of training … but we will provide a true and honest evaluation … we will be able to provide real results in our training of your dog, as well as you, as the handler and we do have the experience and training to back it up!

Again … Thank you very much for stopping by. I hope to hear from you in the near future.


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“Real Training … Real Results”